Monday, August 10, 2015

SG50 is a grand celebration for Singapore as it marks its 50th National Day since 9th August 1965.

Yesterday on 9th August, I went with a friend to Marina Bay in the hope of catching amazing display of fireworks, however, it was too crowded everywhere. Literally everywhere. Must be the effect of free public transport on a public holiday. Also, most people have already 'camped' since afternoon. My friend and I managed to secure a spot, however, the view wasn't good. As you can see in the picture above which I took last night, the roof is blocking the view. Would have taken better shots if I came earlier to secure a good spot! Oh well, at least I was able to shoot few nice ones. That aside, it'a amazing to see probably thousands of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners to gather together (to see the biggest fireworks ever) and celebrate National Day. It's sad to see that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew won't be able to attend 50th National Day, however, his spirit is truly here with us. It had been raining heavily for few days till yesterday when it didn't rain at all. In fact, the weather was really great. :D Singapore is a home, truly.

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