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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Over the weekend, I was allowed to be brought along for Singapore Fashion Week on Saturday (16th May) by Crystal. I never thought I would ever go for such show. Yes, people around me do know that I am not a fashionista or whatsoever, because I don't dress fashionably. However, I do like to watch a fashion runway and I even thought that I want to watch it live one day. I don't know why though, and I even set up a fashion tumblr to post all the photos of fashion runways from online. Anyway. it came true, thanks to Crystal! :D It was a hectic that day, as I went to Clarke Quay to support Fang Rong's debut performance with her friends as Weekend Wayfarers. I only managed to watch her first song as I rushed to home to change into different outfit for SGFW. I feel so sorry that I wasn't able to stay throughout her performance.. T_T I was so in rush I anyhow took a dress that made me look ugly as ever. I couldn't find other dresses or tops to match with the skirts. I was so in rush that, for the first time ever on my own, I took a taxi to Ngee Ann City. There went my money, but it's okay, I told myself, all worth it for SGFW :P Anyway, that night, I thought I would only go for one show which was 'ZALORA PRESENTS WOO/FIZIWOO AND ZALIA COLLECTIONS' I love the goodie bag which was especially given out by Zalora. There, for the first time, I saw the models walking down the runway in front of me (okay, not right in front of me, since I was in the back) and I don't know how to put in the words. All I could say that "I should have brought DSLR!" in my mind, to capture those everything, models, clothes and the runway. But I only had iPod to take the photos and they are of poor quanlity D: After the show ended, I was told that I could go for another show and third show too. Ohmy, in my mind, I was like 'Yay yay!' and I can only thank Crystal for this chance T_T So, off I went for second show which was 'TEX SAVERIO FOR LOVE, BONITO'. While waiting, I drank Apple Cider and coffee by accident. I thought it was chocolate drink D: There were alot of drinks and well-dressed people around. They were all good-looking, all the men and women. Felt like I was the worst in terms of looks and dressing :/ Anyway, heard that it was a big show that I saw few local celebrities came. Also few fashion bloggers/fashionistas whom I recongised from social networks, especially on Instagram. There were probably alot of them at the event who are well-known but whom I don't know. Really glad to be there. During the show, I was more amazed than before and the second show became my favourite. Oh, look at the prints!

Photos taken from official SGFW website

The design prints are pretty, simple and creative, aren't they? Wish I could wear that piece in the second last picture! :P After this show, we went for another show which was last for us to attend and second last show of the night. It was 'THAKOON FALL 2015 COLLECTION'. Heard that the designer is very famous internationally and is from USA. Felt honoured to attend his show and his collection on the runway. Overall, I was really glad to be able to attend such an event, all thanks to Crystal whom I am working with for her photoshoots. I really enjoyed that night, even thought I dressed the worst there. (You can check out my photos on her blog, the links are in 'About' (Click above))  Next time, if I ever get to attend such event again, I will make sure to bring my own camera and dress up better!

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