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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A lot of things have happened last month, April. And this is gonna be sooo personal post, so if you don't mind, read on. If you mind, don't.

Results released on 1 April. Glad that I am just satisfied with it. :) No, the school didn't April pranked us with our results. Hahahah
My paternal grandfather passed on, 10 days after Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's passing, on 2 April. Everyone of my family, relatives and I had to go back to Malaysia on the next day for the funeral. I didn't know why I was affected (though I didn't show it) even though we were not close at all. Maybe it was because he was my grandfather and that he was the last grandparent I had till last month. And that I am now grown up. Anyway, it was surprising that my late grandfather and Mr. LKY were of same age, 91 (1923-2015).
Two days after I got back from Malaysia on 6 April, I flew to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with Xinyi on 8 April. It was my first time travelling with a friend. Over there, we stayed with our Vietnamese friend (my secondary classmate), Jessica. When we arrived there in morning at 8 plus Vietnam time (yes, our flight was 7:10am SGT), we had Phở  (Vietnamese noodles) as the first meal there. Yum, it was the same as I remembered having it when I went to Vietnam last year (Da Nang). We all had so much fun over the span of one week (till 15 April). Went to Vũng Tàu (seaside city) on the first day, where it was 2 hours ride from Ho Chi Minh. Totally loved it, cause we were staying by the beach. We conquered three mountains, whoops. One of them has amusement park on the top (Big Mountain). I had my first cable car ride and horseride :D Watched a movie, 'Home'. Oh yeah, I had stomach flu over the weekend during the trip after we got back from Vung Tau. I vomitted a lot of time and I had fever. Jessica's father, thankfully, brought me to clinic at midnight where I had my first IV drips. Thankfully, Jessica stayed by me at the clinic. Thankfully, I could go home after 2 hours at clinic and got better next day. But feeling sick was terrible, especially when you are overseas. I caused Jessica to fall sick as well, next day. :/ Couldn't go out and couldn't eat much too after the day I fell sick. (Sorry about the timeline, I can't remember the exact timeline) Two days before the end of the trip on Monday, 13 April, we went out to watch Fast & Furious 7. It was really goooood and I was amazed at the video editing part, the CG part. One day before the end of the trip, we went to amusement park with Jessica's friends. On the last day, 15 April, it was the day we flew back to Singapore, sadly :( Definitely miss the fun we had over there in Vietnam. Also, I got to meet Jessica's sister, Lynn, who is really friendly and can speak English well. Thankful to Xinyi who made the trip happened. :)
After I got back, I had busy schedule before school started on 20 April. Had to go back to school on two days in a row to meet my MPSIP supervisor and Muggers clique the other day. It was that day on 17 April, that I realised that I missed a lot of things going on in Singapore while I was overseas for two weeks. Alice filled me on few things.
I had a sudden photoshoot rrequest from a fashion designer from London (She came to Singapore), which I glad that I was free to take on on 18 April. Will share few shots here. So glad that she likes the shots I took of her. It makes me happy if my friends/clients like the photos I took of them, even though they are not professional photos. I will keep learning to improve. :)
It was on Sunday, a day before new semester started, that I finally stayed home.

When the semester, Year 3, started, stuffs happened during the first week and I could think was to run away. To escape whatever I have to face but I couldn't. During the two weeks, my MPSIP partner and I all did was to research to come up with an idea to work on. Sigh, it's really difficult as we still haven't gotten project to work on for now... But I am glad that I got busy with researching. On Wednesday of second week, finally, we got our own desks individually at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in an office as interns. For now, all I can hope is to finally find a project to work on and do well for MP-SIP. And, here comes the month of May...

Model: Olya Shishkina
Photography by me.
Editing by me.

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