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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I don't know where else to post the photos I took during last Monday's (16/03) photoshoot of my new models, so I thought that I just might as well post here. Well, actually, one of them is my friend! I am so glad to have contacted her first to request her to be my model because I want to start building up my portfolio. I know it's not an easy path to becoming a photographer. However, I should start doing something, right? :)
This photoshoot was really different for me, from the others I had with my friends. I have definitely learn new things from it. Even from the photos I took, I thought some don't look nice, wrong in angle or not balanced. However, they are something for me to learn from and improve the next time I shoot again! There're definitely lot of rooms for improvement. Definitely want to do this type of photoshoots again. :D
Here are some of the photos (s/n: they're great models!);

Models: Rachael Ng & Denise
Photography by me.
Editing by me.

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