The Railway
Sunday, March 15, 2015

I have always thought the railway tracks are pretty and suitable for photoshoots. Especially with your friend/s. This is at near King Albert Park (you can take a bus from outside Botanic Gardens MRT station.). I am so glad that I have finally shoot at this place two Fridays ago on 6th March, because, ya know, railway tracks. I have seen photos of people at railway online and I thought that I should have photoshoot at any abandoned railway one day. And, I was surprised and delighted that Singapore actually has few! (There is one in Clementi, but it was closed, unfortunately. Another at Tanjong Pagar, but it is not opened to public.) Yay to having Yu Ting and Mansura (Our our great great senior-goodfriend :D) who they have similar interests as me! We love to explore places, photography and cafes. Double yays to Mansura being a photographer for Yu Ting and I and that we were 'models' for her. Oh yes, this place looks great for friendship theme, so yup! While shooting, Yu Ting and I always thought of what poses to pose for in front of the camera (we even looked up online, haha!), as we wanted to have nice photos taken at there. We didn't really want to leave the place as we wanted to take more and more photos. But we ran out of ideas D: So we just stay there for awhile before we went. After we left, we even took selfies with the whole railway bridge, heheh, which is, of course, a must. :P Definitely will come back to this place again one day, perhaps with a or two models for me to shoot! :D

People in photos (It'd be weird to call ourselves 'models' xD): Yu Ting, Mansura and Me.
Photography by Mansura. (Few by me.)
Editing by me.

♡ Love,
Evelyn :)


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