Sunday, February 8, 2015

I have been wanting to blog since don't-know-when, but i didn't know what to write. About my poly life of year 2.2? Nah, it's the same everyday, projects everyday, sigh. However, it will come to an end soon. Just one more week to go! But it'll be a hell week. I am so thankful, and am always, for my friends i made during my past two years in poly. They have been making my poly life so much easier and fun :'D  It's sad how we won't be able to see one another often next semester in year 3.1 when we will be doing our own major projects. If you're reading this, let's always meet up during our lunch break, alright!

But, of course i won't forget my friends from childhood, 'The Five'. :) So glad to have spent the last day of 2014 with them.

Once again, i am very very THANKFUL for them, and i really hope that we will all be the same, be it 10, 20 or 30 years later. Not to mention, with my secondary friends too (three of them). Well, so what i wanted to say is that i am deciding whether to turn this blog into something NEW. Something you all have seen almost everywhere online. Yes, i have always wanted to do that since it's my hobby and i want to share my works and, at the same time, building up my portfilo. However, i am not sure where to start, but i will figure it out. The reason why i blogged these thoughts of mine is to push myself to achieve my one of the goals. It may take a long time, but i believe that i will make it eventually. First thing now to focus on is my school and studies. To  be more precise, to pass everything for this semester and to pull up my gpa. You probably wonder why i care so much about  my own GPA, it's because of a reason which i rather not to say. By the way, there was an opportunity given to me, regarding my major project. I will have to wait till everything is confirmed before i blog about it! Can't wait, though! :P Secondly, i will need the motivation to do what i have always wanted. Now, it's time to re-vamp my blog skin!

May 2015 be the blessed one for you and everyone!

Myself ;D

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