Goat/Sheep year!
Sunday, February 22, 2015

First off, here are some photos;

Just felt like posting few photos (other than posted on Instagram) on here and those were taken in back in my hometown during Chinese New Year. Well, so far, here i am back in Singapore on fourth day of CNY. Which means back to reality :( Because i have still got three projects to submit this week despite the semester 2.2 being already long over before CNY. I really do hope that we can all do our projects successfully and submit them by this week. And it's study week and i have one exam paper to study for. Too many stuffs back here.
It's okay, everything will be over soon! Good things will come soon, i believe. I am so looking forward to photoshoots during March holiday! Oh, and by the way, i have mentioned about an opportunity which a good news before in my previous post, right? Well, the good news has become bad news to me. But, oh well, i will get a chance next time, hopefully.
Forget about those now, let's talk about CNY? :D So, what's first thing that comes to your mind when CNY is mentioned? Red? New clothes? Gambling? Gatherings? I have always love it whenever my family go back to my hometown which is in Tampin, Melaka because of the yearly reunion with my relatives, mostly i am glad to be reunited with my cousins, nieces and nephews, and i still do love it. (Plus visiting my mum's side at Segamat for about half a day) However, it's always troublesome to come back to Singapore because most people travel back to SG on the same day. Last night, we almost got stuck in Johor Bahru as we only managed to secure tickets to JB, not Singapore. And when we finally got a car to fetch us, we were stuck in the worst traffic jam i ever been in at Woodlands checkpoint and it was at 11 plus at night. Anyway, i still do love going back to my hometown where i could be free from worries in SG. But the internet there sucks :P (I kept getting disconnected from playing online games) Be glad that we have quite fast internet/3G/4G over here, alright. And, oh, not to forget about dressing up and CNY snacks! :D Yes, i think i have started to take a liking to dressing up though i have a terrible taste for fashion. But it isn't too late to start, right? ;D

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