Friday, September 19, 2014

I feel really blessed for everything and people around me :') So, the day came, the day i turned a year older, the day i turned 19. The age between being a teenager and few years to becoming an adult.

Well, starting from yesterday, in the morning, my niece wanted to buy a cake for me to celebrate at night. I was touched. Then, my family and relatives (who came from Malaysia) celebrated my birthday together as they went back today. Few minutes before 19th Sep's midnight, my cousin, niece and sister stayed up and chatted while i was playing a game on laptop. I just love that moment, chatting at night and not wanting to sleep :P My niece was the first to wish me after midnight striked via Whatsapp message even though she was just in the same room as me :D Anyway, few friends wished me and i was still playing a game till 1 plus in the morning before i went to bed. I can say that i entered 19th Sep day feeling happy and great :') Next morning, which was this morning, came and i woke up to the smell of the food from kitchen. My mother was making breakfast for my cousin, niece and nephew. And me too! Hahah. Yummy, bread, hotdogs and eggsss! And cheese! Andd cookie butterrr! Hahah oops, pardon my love for food (I gained weight during this holidays, tho! :((( ) My niece bought me the strawberry kitkat chocolates! First gift! Anyway, in the afternoon, i went to meet mah good friends, Yuting and Mansura at Bugis to eat at I AM cafe together. I was late as i didn't realised the time while using the computer. When i reached, i was actually surprised when Yuting handed me the balloon along with Mansura's gift. She must have wanted to take revenge on me for giving her one for her birthday last month. I had to go around with such a big balloon... Well, off we went to the cafe which is near Bugis MRT station. Yuting and I ordered Fish Burger while Mansura ordered pasta. There went Yuting's way of taking photos and people looking at us. Ohgawd... HAHAHA. After eating, they ordered their drinks. Opened up Mansura's gift and i was really glad that i didn't buy the selfie stick yesterday because she bought me one! Ohmygawd, luckily! Anyway, finally got one, yay, thanks to my seniorrr, Mansura! :D We took some selfies and we got surprised when the staffs sang birthday song. I thought there was another person who had same birthday, but it was actually for me. Mansura was actually the mastermind, she ordered when she went up to the counter, but then she also got surprised, hahaha! :P Even Yuting! HAHAHA :P The cake is rainbow cake! Love them loaddds! After that, we were full. Then we paid and went off. We went to graffiti wall there to take some photos. Then went to bugis junction to buy something which my mother actuallysaid to give me as gift. :) And we went to somewhere to slack before going home. There, had to go home with such a big floating balloon and i am glad that it didn't pop when i was in MRT. Reached home to almost empty home since my relatives have gone back, and few minutes later, my another cousin came to our house with her sons (as usual) but my mother didn't know as i was told it was a secret, so i actually knew. :P My cousin bought a cake for me and flowers. :') Another cake, though... >< My cousin also gave me another gift from her husband which is a notebook from his company. Then, around 8, i had to head out to meet a friend at Bedok Interchange as she wanted to pass me the material. Well, she is none other than Alice who lives nearby. She was late for meeting, though... Anyway, finally she came, and she gave me homemade sushi :') And the material, duhh. Went to Bedok Mall as she wanted to drink Gongcha. Chatted for about half an hour before we went home. Couldn't stay out till late because i have to wake up early tomorrow to go to Malaysia.

The purpose of writing this post is tell that i feel really blessed today. September month has been really great to me since day one of September. Been going out everyday and meeting people. And working too. I love how i spent and made full use of September holidays to catch up with mah friends and work to earn some money. No more words can describe how i really feel about this day and September month. :') I am really glad that i have my 19th birthday well-spent, fun and enjoyable :D I hope the rest of September month will be good as well!

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