Monday, September 1, 2014

It's the new month! Cheers to the freedom starting from today since exams ended! Cheers to the holidays! Had really an awesome day out with my classmates (5 of them) :) Went to watch 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie (it's really nice!!) then had Fish & Co. for dinner. After dinner, we went to walk from Dhoby Ghaut to Clarke Quay. Then we chatted and slacked at there by the river side till 8pm when we had to go home. Looking forward to class chalet this week! ^^ Like finally, man.

Anyway, year 2.1 has been, wow, i don't even know how did i get here. Like semester 2.1 is over in a flash. There were a lot of quizzes, projects and assignments. There were even times i had to stay up till late. But i am glad that they are over now. Gotta brace myself for year 2.2, but not yet! Gotta enjoy my holidays now~ I am really glad for my classmates-turned-friends. Had not it been for them, i would have been in worse state. Oh yeah, during study week (one week before exams), been going to school to study with my classmates (a.k.a study buddies) and it was really productive! :D Though i was quite upset that i didn't complete my last paper this morning :( But, oh well, hopefully can pass everything.
Too many stuffs have happened during semester 1 of year 2 (Apr-Aug)... But i am thankful for everything and people around me :)



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