Five years old :)
Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thinking of what could my post title mean? It's my blog! Yes, it should be five years old this year! Or six? Hehehe :D It has been long, hasn't it? Shall not let this blog die down. So, uhm, i forgot to mention that I have joined Aikido since end of July ^^ Even though it's really (emphasizing  on 'really')  expensive to join it, it's worth it (kinda, hahah)! I hope i will be able to stay on Aikido throughout my poly years, but i am not sure if i could due to financial issue. In Aikido, i don't think i have really done well for the grading (from white belt to blue belt). In fact, i think i am still at white belt's standard and still need to train more and harder. However, will i be able to go for the trainings now that semester two has long started with much more difficult modules? And i want to maintain my GPA. (Who doesn't want?) Gonna revert to my old self, the old self before i started poly life. I can do it! :)
Well, there's nothing much going on now. Maybe about mentoring (another CCA i joined) which we all have to perform for the mentees (Junyuan Pri Sch kids!), ahhh. Hope we won't like fail to perform, hahha! And im pretty much looking forward to this week! Busy busy week ahead! Looks like i have been neglecting my CDS subject which is 'Introduction to Psychology'. It's like another English subject to me, for which you have to be good in English to score well. Ughhhh. :( Do it now or it's too late!
Few days ago, i have found out something i was really pissed off with. To think one could do such thing and not feel guilty uh. Not sure whether to get to the bottom of this matter or to let it slide. But i believe karma will do its job. :) 


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