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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Past few days have been busy for me, and they were fun! On Friday (08/11), after school, went to 'study' and slack at grass patch at school before going for a talk with classmates (Benita and Phui Yee). After that, we went to swimming complex (school's) and it was raining. So, we were allowed in and waited for the rain to stop. After 1-2 hours of waiting while studying (of course, hahah), the rain had stopped and i was glad, yay! So, we (Beni, Jhan and i) quickly went to change and went for swim. Swam few laps in main one before swimming in another pool and played, heheh. We were there till 7 plus before going off. Then i went for the rehearsal for the Mentees' Day. We actually managed to do good job last Wednesday and had to practice more on Friday. Was tired after swimming but having fun there perked me up. :) Felt bad for my tired attitude :( So, anyway, we all learned the so called ultimate handshake (from Ryan Higa's video one), hahah. Anyway, we practiced till 8 plus before going home.
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Yesterday, on Saturday (09/11), in the morning, it was Mentees' Day at Junyuan Primary School. So, yeah, we performed for the kids. Was glad that the performance was finally over. The senior from my group, Khalid, kept saying he was feeling paiseh eh. Tsk, at least we all had done good job! Irfana (my classmate too, in mentoring too) managed to come despite having problems at home and i was really grateful for that :') So that we could have complete group for the performance. One by one, each group performed and we all sang in circle. Really had fun with the mentors and the mentees and i was glad to see some of them who smiled at and acknowledged me :) Even though i have been there for like 4 months, i am gonna miss them! And i am glad to have made friends with my group members :D Hope we will keep in contact and come back next year!
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Today, Sunday (10/11), this morning, as usual, i would have gone for training, however, not today. This morning, i especially woke up early to go to Adventure Cove at Sentosa with Yuting and Sheryl! ^^ So, we met up at VivoCity and walked all the way to Adventure Cove and were granted early entry into there due to having promotion (heheh :P) After we changed, we didn't know what to do as there were not many people yet. We saw some came and took Adventure Ride and followed them. Then we went to one side there where we played those green slides (lazy to name them, hahah). I was especially excited for snorkeling at Rainbow Reef! We get to swim with the fishes but i wasn't able to touch them! I also love Bluwater Bay (because of the waves) and Splashworks. Splashworks ar, there is this cliff jump, i went to up there and saw down. It was when i realised why the Running Man members were afraid to stand there and jump off it. I was afraid to jump off at first, hahahah. But i managed to jump off and did it again with lower one. There are also other 'obstacles' like walking across from one side to another. One of them is difficult that i gave up by falling into the pool. Before leaving that place, went for another jump! Hehehe. So, yeah, we thought we tried out all the rides already, so we decided to stop and went to take bath. Ohyes, i forgot to mention that we kept going around on Adventure River, it was relaxing! The Bluwater Ray is also relaxing eh! It was around 2 plus or 3 plus then. Took bath and then got prepared to leave Adventure Cove. We browsed our photos from earlier on by the photographers, however, we could not take them as we had to pay a lot :( Oh well, luckily, Yuting and I have already taken photos with our phones. We left then to take train back to VivoCity. Went to food court and Sheryl ate lunch there with Yuting and i watching her eat, hahaha. After she finished, Yuting went to secretly buy twelve cupcakes for Sheryl, as according to our plan to surprise her for her early birthday celebration. :D Yay, i hope she got surprised, heheh. After that, we went to our own separate ways. Was really tired on the way home but i managed to keep myself awake. So far, i can say that we had so much fun with the water!! :D
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Those days have been awesome! Now, it's late (10:45pm) and i am still fighting against my tiredness. There's school tomorrow and it's gonna be a long day! Noooo :((


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