Semester Two
Friday, October 25, 2013

It's the first week of semester 2 and it feels like last semester all over again. The modules are getting difficult and i am feeling more pressure. Well, i am so happy for my last semester's final result and GPA :D This shall be my motivation to work and study harder during my poly years! "Pressure is good for you.", yep. I will be able to survive another set of different and difficult modules. I can do it. :)
Personally, many have changed. I don't even know what is going on... All i know is that i regret how i didnt take the chances before me, appreciate much and didn't think much of it in last semester. I also know that it's not gonna happen again and gonna be different for this semester and beyond in poly. But i can't believe i gave up my something because i thought 'us gonna be always and forever'. What a childish thinking of mine. However, those moments shall be the good memories i/we have of us. What matters most is that those were and for real. As long as you're happy, dear. Even though we can't go back to those times, i hope we can still become good (best) and close friends. I also hope we can just 'hang out, chit chat and chill'. I hope that you would come to me should you have any problems. :) I will always be there for you, my friend.
Doesn't anyone would want their first love to be their last love? Or doesn't anyone would want their first kiss to be their first and last love? Because I do.
It would be really one of the best feelings. However,...

Oops, i think i have gone off the topic. Shall get my concentration back on studying! So, end of blogging! ♡


Evelyn Lee.

I just want to blog as how I have been blogging in the past. I just want to write about happiness. I just want to write about my love for photography.
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