Term 2
Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second half of first semester has long since started two weeks ago... How times flies uh. Didn't even realised that my last blog post was on the second day of first term in April. Now is July~ Life is okay okay in Poly, hahaha! Really was happy with my term test results, yay :D So, there were 10 graded papers (regardless of modules/subjects) and i got 7 A's, 2 B+ and 1 B! Hahah, just wanna share my happiness here :p There's something else, but not gonna say anything, hehehe. So, Term 2 has started, and soon, come Main Examinations at the end of August. Gotta chiong studies and study even harder to maintain my grades! However, i don't get Digital Fundamentals 1 :( It's okay, i can do it! I will get hang of it soon. Same for other subjects :))
And, oh, i am glad to have two of my classmates (Beni and Phuiyee) as good friends now as we are always helping each other and be together in school (even outside sometimes, for project) :) Hope we will all be able to stick together through hard times even when we agrue through our poly years and beyond :))

Many events happened recently, by the way! Like going for basic photography workshop last Wednesday (3rd July) (yes i joined Visual Central CCA!), going back to my sec sch (last Fri, 5th July) (newly upgraded SAC with Bev to collect our Olevel certs, but didnt, since they didn't unpack finish yet, so going back again next time), my course (CEN)'s AGM (last Fri, 5th July) (was kinda boring, but i got to ride scooter on campus ground around Engineering sch! Haha!) and Canon Photomarathon XI with Sheryl and Vanessa (last Saturday, 6th July) (It was a good experience! So glad to have approach Mr Yeo who lent me SAC's dslr, even though i have already graduated from SAC. :D And this competition made me realised that i still have A LOT to learn about Photography. Hope to join again next year!). Well well, don't wanna go on more! I guess that's end of today's post? Well, see ya in next post next time! ^^

Confession: I was typing this blog during Ckt lecture, hehehe! :p


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