The first day
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's morning, and my tutorials and lectures start in afternoon! :D Yesterday was the very first day (well, not 'very', since i went for orientation last week, Wed-Fri) of school in Polytechnic as me being a Year 1 student, the beginning of my journey towards career (or University, i hope so). Till last year, i had been wearing school uniform and going to school every morning. Now, in Poly, it's different. I will need to wear any clothes i like to school. And the timetable is different everyday, especially the timings. Some start early, some start later. We went to tutorials and lectures as a class yesterday. It wasn't so bad for the day, though, as time passed very quickly. We ended at 5pm. When i was on the way home, i reflected on we did in the day and can already feel the pressure coming in. Projects. Poly life. Need to be ready to face the future in Poly. Well, i HAVE to be ready, by RIGHT NOW. If not, how could i ever sit through whole 3 years. Nevermind 3 years, i have to do well in my first year! They said we have to take Year 1 seriously. I am so going to take it seriously. Mug hard. I don't want to repeat the same mistake and regret it all over again. No way i am going to do that again. Definitely. I can do it! Take the pressure on!

The pressure is good for you.

Okay, so, last week's orientation was actually good and fun! I didn't really liked orientation, thus, on the first day, i was being 'bitchy', not that i intended to be. Felt bad about it. Wonder what were my groupmates' first impression of me that day. And the mentors' too. The mentors are really nice and fun to be with! :) Hope their impressions of me weren't so bad :p Thanks to them, i had fun at orientation! ^^
Over the weekend, my mother, my sister and i went to Malaysia on Saturday, for my cousin's wedding which was on Sunday. We could only attend in the morning as we had to go back to Singapore on Sunday. So sad, we couldn't attend the wedding dinner at night :( But i guess it was a good thing that we couldn't attend it as i can't eat anything i like due to my teeth being tightening by braces. Fell kinda sick when was on the way back to SG. Had a really bad sore throat that kept me awake whole Saturday night :/ Also, i had to sleep in air-con room. Ugh. I rather sleep in non-airconed room. Seriously. Oh well, i am glad i didn't have to go to doctor's as my mother said to use other medicine bought from supoermarket (lor). Got recovered and the fever subsided! Couldn't afford to miss the first day of school the next day. Still coughing, though. Well, back to the first paragraph. Signing off :)



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