Calm the **** down
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ever feel like not wanting to face up to the reality? Ever feel like escaping from reality and bury yourself in fantasy/lalalaland? To the point that you think you might go crazy because of reality's 'realness'? That you cannot even accept that the upcoming dates you dread are nearing and nearing each day? That you CAN'T JUST REALLY ACCEPT IT? That's how i feel right now while typing this. Really. It sucks. Poly is starting soon and i can't even accept that it's starting soon. Not even the orientiation week. Why? I don't know why. I just cannot face up to reality. I have been burying myself in my own world and not going out often. Yeah, i dread going out, unless with close friends or family. I just wanna stay home and rot. However, i supposed that it isn't how i supposed to live my own life. Wait, wrong. Not rot, but enjoying my freedom. I think that's the thing. Freedom. Just really don't want next week to come. I wish the time would stop right now. Here i go again, in my own lalaworld. It just sucks, alright.


Evelyn Lee.

I just want to blog as how I have been blogging in the past. I just want to write about happiness. I just want to write about my love for photography.
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