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Monday, March 18, 2013

Wow, it has been 3-4 months since i last blogged. What have i been up to? Hmm, i have been working till last Friday (15th March) which was my last day of work! :D So, in the beginning in around end November or early December, i went for this waitress job at Marina Bay Sands. It was quite stressful job for me... Went for it four times (including the ones we only set up tables and clearing up) till i decided not to go for it anymore despite good pay. Then got another job as hamper packer at Jurong through my mum's friend. Quite far eh. The pay was quite okay. Till i found another job in end of December. Better pay and location! At a DHL company at Expo! :D That was the last job i held which i worked for 2 and a half months till last Friday, yeah. Kekeke, why did i say those... Well, just wanna type them out, since i have not blogged for a long time. So, this week will be a busy week! Hanging out with my friends, woohoo~ Maybe will blog about it? :) Ahhh, starting Poly next month T_T Noooooo, i don't want to start it yet~ :(( Oh well, for now, will have to enjoy every second of my freedom! Also, need to study abit sia. Well, lalalala~ Been watching quite bit of K-dramas from last year Nov till date; Fashion King, Dr. Jin, To The Beautiful You, The 3rd Hospital, Nice Guy, King of Dramas, I do, I do, School 2013 and IRIS. There should be one or two more. A lot or a few? Heh. So, i am currently on IRIS 2 and Athena: Goddess of War. Soon, will be on Love Rain! Haha, must catch up on a lot of dramas (including 1-2 SG dramas) before starting school next month! Wait, why am i even blogging about what i watched and watching? I must be bored. Pardon me. T_T Feel like ranting on something, but forget it.

IRIS 2: Season 2 of IRIS.
Just feel like putting that IRIS 2 poster on here so that my blog won't look like all text one, hahahha. So, well, signing off here, bye~


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