Cameron Highlands~ :D
Monday, November 12, 2012

Currently in Cameron Highlands, now blogging in the hotel's lobby! :D (WIFI is only available in lobby here, sighs. But at least it's free of charge ^^) Yesterday, we arrived here in the early morning by coach which was about 7-8 hours long. It's really cold here! And it rains often! Went to Big Red Strawberry Farm yesterday which was the first thing we did to explore. All thanks to the aunty from this hotel, Iris House Hotel who drove us there and around. At the farm, everything is strawberry, strawberry! Wow. After the trip to strawberry farm, went around. Supposed to go to Bee Farm, however, there was traffic jam, so in the end, didn't go. Such a pity :( Around in the afternoon, finally was able to check in hotel. Watched The 3rd Hospital, which i downloaded on PSP. My mother and sister slept throughout the day till evening time. Anyway, let's jump to the nighttime. Went for dinner and then to pasar malam. It was drizzling. Bought a lot of food from whole day plus pasar malam. Then went back to hotel and on WIFI! :p So, well... The next day, woke up at 9 plus because we were going to Ipoh at 10. Yep, the aunty drove us there. Two-three hours trip there~ Slept on the way there so as not to puke. Anyway, reached there at around 1plus and visited temple. After temple, went for lunch at some restaurant for Ipoh's famous chicken rice and bean sprouts. After lunch, went to aunty's ex-classmate's house. And i must say the house is really BIG and very European style! Wow, the family must be rich uh.Took some pictures. (Wish i could upload here, but they're in my camera and i have no USB to transfer them). Well, after that, went to mum's ex-classmate's house. Then went back to Cameron Highlands. Long trip again, but this time round, much better compared to the trip to Ipoh. Reached there at around 7-8plus then back to hotel to put things down before going for steamboat for dinner. It was really late, like 9 already by the time we almost finished. Then went to shop for awhile before heading back to hotel and took bath, woah.. Kekeke. Okayyy, it's 11plus now. Got to go now. Bye, hope to blog more soon! :) And, oh, going back to Singapore tomorrow :(


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