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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long time no blog, hello^^ Hehehe. So, i have been wanting to blog aboit that day on 2 June when i went to Cassy's bday party, but i was lazy to do:p So, i just wanna share something. If you watch Running Man, then you must know about Bells Hide and Seek. Yes, we played that. I was in the 'Mission Team', that we had to find the yellow tokens before 'Chasing Team' catch us. However, the rule was kinda different. If the leader of 'Mission Team' got caughy, then it's a game over. So, after few minutes when game started, i got caught already. I was like 'Walao eh' Like Suk Jin or Gwang Soo sia. Hahaha. And, oh, now i got the feeling of being chased after. You would get really tired after running and feel like giving up. Haha, no wonder the casts in Running Man show like that, and thus becoming stronger. Oh well, why am i blabbing this on. Well... Tomorrow is the day! The gathering with Fang Rong and Meikee, along with their fans!:D Yay, get to meet Fang Rong again!:)) And i really hope my arm muscle recover by tomorrow. I don't know how it come to this. Yesterday morning, my neck got pain, then it moved down to my arm at the end of the day. Am worried and scared:(( Really hoping it will be back to normal by tomorrow:(

Well, i think that's all i have to say? Hahaha, just wanna update my blog and not making it look dead. :)

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