Saturday, May 12, 2012

So, today, in the afternoon, went alone to Velocity at Novena Square to see the Jump casts again, but this time including Jeanette Aw and Zhen Huan(?). Was abit late and i wasn't one of 100 fans!!:(( Was behinddd. Ahhh, didn't get to high-five the jump casts:( So, went home after the meet and greet session, with heavy heart. However, on bright side, i got to see Fang Rong and some of them again in the evening:) Well, left house again after got home. This time round, with my sister and mother. Was planning to go to cousin's house by taxi, however taxi was nowhere in sight for 15 minutes, then gave up. We decided to meet at MRT. So, then, took MRT to Caldecott. After reaching there, we had to walk REALLY LONG WAY to get to Mediacorp. Gah, it's so freaking far!! Hard for people who don't have a car, like us, to go there. Walked wallef, still see no Mediacorp. After like 10-15 minutes, saw Mediacorp already. Ohgawd, why no transit or shutter bus one de. Finally reached there at around 7plus and we were all sweating. Looked around for Fang Rong at reception but she was nowhere in sight. Approached Raeann, the one of twin freelance actress, also in Jump show, and asked her. She said Fang Rong had not arrived yet. Woah, i was like why did i rush. Gahh. Well, she finally came and i got the tickets of 6 from her. Phew~ And finally took a picture with her, yay! But i look so unglamourous in the photo! ㅠㅠ Then, my mother got me and my sister to take a group photo with Fang Rong, Edwin, Yida and Justin. Oh, yay yay. Kekeke. Oh yes, the casts were there to support Meikee!And, yes, i saw them twice in the day, yay!:D After that, went down to carpark connected to studio. Almost forgot about the present, and i went up again to give to Fang Rong. Yay, finally~ :) Then went back. Waited then finally went into the studio. On tge way therr, all of us got a flower each. For Mother's Day:)) By the way, we were at Mediacorp for Sheng Siong Show!:D (with mum, sis, cousin and her two sons) Before it started live at 9pm, i saw people were practicing and doing like promo(?) It was intetesting to see behind the scene and i love watching like that! Hope to see more of that in future!:p Then, finally, it started at 9pm. Okay, not gonna go into details... It ended very fast at 10pm and we left. It was hard to get taxi in Mediacorp since it's isolated. Then mum had to call taxi. Zzz. Finally taxi came, then drove back home. My mother, sister and i dropped off first before my cousins. Then, went to McDonald for supper. Had sweet corn and milk!:p Afters supper, went home and it was 11:11( yes, i caught it) So, here am i blogging. It's nearly 12am now. Well, end of the post:D Really hope to meet/see the casts, especially Fang Rong, again! One more thing, i don't think i ever wanna go Mediacorp again if i want to, unless it's very important :p

Hoping for something...

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