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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today, was supposed to study for Tuesday's papers which are Bio and Geog, however, i went to Orchard to see Jump casts, especially Fang Rong -- my fave actress :p So, finally got to see her in real life after like two years since i become a fan of her (hope i sound like what, hahah) She's prettier in real life, wow! And she's quite tall!! Well, we were at the first stop which was outside ION. When they came, they actually walk past me! I was stunned. Then, they began flash mob. Awesome Double-Dutch performance, Jump casts! Oh, yes, they are Fang Rong, Meikee, Edwin, Yida and Justin:) So, anyway, after they were done, we all followed them to another stop. Bedore that, the admin of Fang Rong's fanclub, Peiqi, (I am actually an admin too!:)) came up to me and told me it's her. Wow, i was surprised she could recongise me in real life when she just only saw my Facebook photos. So, we began to knock off well, and we went together to follow them till last stop at Cineleisure:) While on the way to Cine, i finally said hi to Fang Rong and told her who am i!:D Whee, finally~ And, she seemed to be exicited to see me too!:p (We have been talking on formspring, so yep) Omg, can't believe i went up to her. Hope she remember still me, i mean my face, yep! Hahaha!:p So excited to seeing her again next Saturday!:) And, was glad to have met Peiqi too and kinda make new friend!^^ And, oh, i forgot to take a picture with Fang Rong today!:( Was excited to see her:p Hopefully, will be able to take one with her next week:)

So, guys, do support JUMP! which will premier on 16th May, Monday to Friday, at 10pm on Channel U!:)

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