SAC Jogathon'12!
Friday, April 6, 2012

Yesterday was my school's Jogathon Day at Bedok Reservoir. Was late to report to venue. Reached at 7:40am when it was supposed to be 7:30am. The bus lor, so slow. Aiya, blame myself, left house late. But, nvm, cher nvr care, hahaha. Ohyes, saw that unknown guy at there and he seemed popular. Then, asked around who was he and actually, he's the Radio DJ of FM913. Cool:D Anyway, so, the competitve run started first from sec 4s/5s to sec 1s. Then after competitive runs, it was fun runs. It was around 9plus? Sec 1s went first. Then 2s then 3s. Then, finally us sec 4s turns. Plus 5s too. Ran, well, i kinda jogged, non stop till turning part then walked. Ruiyi caught up and told me not to stop. So, i ran non stop for the rest, however, i ran too damn slow!:(( Even though i ran non stop, got people caught up with and they ran and walked eh. Must learn how to run faster ugh! For 2.4km! When, i got to finishing line, i didn't get the nunber card, meaning i was way behind 100 people who finished. Ugh, worse than last year. After, i finished, went up to Milo van there and took one cup of milo to drink, even though i dislike milo, keke. Well, because my bottle was in my bag, so yeah. Walked around, and found Yuting who just finished, then, we went to milo van to get a cup each. Drank one again! Then, blah. When whole school finished running, wenr to assemble for prizes. Don't wanna blog about it, am lazy. Anyway, for my level(sec 4 and 5 tgt), 4/7 is the ultimate winner. After the ceremony was closed by principal, it was around 11plus. Was planning to go home, however, i ended up at Tampines with my friends.  I must be mad. I didn't stick to my plan. Went to Mac, but i didnt eat. Then, after they finished eating, went to separate ways. I went with Yuting to MRT. Was planning to go home, but mum asked me to go to her workplace, so i went to Novena. Reached there, then mum cooked noodles for my lunch. Yum. Anyway, my mum called my sister if she wanna come, and she said she want. Was surprised, haha. She arrived at 3plus, and ate noodles too. Around 3.30pm, the stall closed, and off we went to novena square to eat ice-cream, treated by my mother's friend, who is also a boss. After eating, went to mrt, while mum's friend went to another way. Thought was going to home, but went to Tampines instead, again. Bought something there. Been there from 4plus to 6plus. Was gonna go home, but that guy (at century square) stopped us to talk about his products. Talked talked, then he talked my mother into buying his products, and she bought. Wtf, the products damn expensive, can. And the products are made in Israel. The guy from there. Cool, uh. Hope they worth it. Ohyes, the products are like saly thing, from Dead Sea in Israel. I have always wanted to go there, hais. After finally left century square, went to pasar malam and walked around. Then, finally went to mrt to go home. My legs were so tired and pain! Been standing and walking around whole day! Reached home at 7plus. Was so tired, but managed to finish homeworks before heading to bed at 10. Whew. Done blogging, yay! Kekeke ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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