Grandfather's bday party :D
Saturday, April 21, 2012

Currently in Malaysia now! :D So, today, just came to Malaysia. Won't go into details, by the way, like i used to. So, we arrived home at 3plus. Then, blah blah. When it was evening time, people came. Relatives and friends. Then, more people came at around like 7plus and 8plus. There were really alot of people came! Meaning, also got more children. Music was blasting. People eating buffet. Tables outside the house. I love it, man. So, we all ate and chatted. Then after eating, adults sing. They somehow turned driveway into karaoke. Hahha, awesome. :D The children were like taking pictures with my sister, also my cousins. I was playing Pottermore :p After at around 8 or 9, we brought the cake out. It was damn big! You know, the two circle like buns. They meant 'longevity'. Yep, may my grandfather live long!~ Don't know his age :p I think aroun 90-100 years old uh.. Then, we sang very loudly. After cutting the cake, fireworks went off! :D Then, blahh. Ohyes, my some of my relatives were like dancing anyhow, lol. So funny, they danced, especially my youngest uncle. Hahahha. So, well, some people went back, then till now (now 10plus), the adults still singing, lol. Okay, end of post, byeee. :D
Aw, tomorrow go back to Singapore already :(


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