Back to Singapore:(
Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well, this morning, woke up at 9plus in the morning. Washed up and went out nearby to eat breakfast with four cousins (two little ones, and two adults), my mum, dad and sister. All squeezed into one car, because it's just nearby. Anyway, had roti pratas! After eating, drove back home and it was 10plus. My sister went to play with Kitaro. And, she helped cousin bath it. Then, i went to take bath. Prepared then left house at around 10plus. Ahhh, so fast leaving my hometown:( Bet my fav cousin cried uh. :/ Well, im coming back in November! Cannot wait! Must study hard for Os first!:)) Anyway, got on to train to go back to Singapore. Well, i guess it's end of this post since im back in Singapore. School tomorrow, ugh. Feeling sick and i hope i don't fall sick or what.

Perhaps you have forgotten our perfect moments together.
It's just my wishful thinking..

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