Saturday, March 31, 2012

So, currently in Malaysia and it's late now. :))  Yesterday, went home after school to rush something i needed to do before leaving to go to Bugis to take bus to go to Malaysia. Met cousin and his friend there and were surprised that we were gonna take same bus, and, some more, our seats were beside beside de at the back of the bus. Around 6plus in the evening, nearly 7, bus came and we on board. While on bus, were talking and eating. Then cousin saw my phone and i was surprised he knew what phone i am using. And, he's also a fan of Sony Ericsson! Yayy! Hahaha!:p Anyway, took like an hour to reach Woodlands Checkpoint due to high tracffic. When finally reached, checked passports before going on bus to go to Malaysia Checkpoint to check passports again. After finally got on bus and got ready for long trip on the bus. I used laptop to watch 'The Vampire Diaries' episode 17 which i got it transferred to my thumbdrive from computer in order to watch it on laptop while on bus offline. Watched it comfortably :D After watching it, it was 9plus and try to get some sleep. Slept for two hours till mum woke me up that we arrived. Then, we got off the bus, and we walked down the road to look for relative to fetch us home. Uncle, that cousin's father, came, and we got into the car and went home. When reached home, we thought everyone had gone to sleep because it was 11plus nearly midnight. Luckily, my eldest cousin and youngest uncle haven't gone to sleep, so he opened the door for us. And, finally, we were home. It felt so good to back here. Anyway, slept again at 12plus.

The next morning, which was this morning, got woken up by mum at 5plus in the morning, because we had to go out to pray to our ancestors. Then, around 6plus, got on the car and we went off to a cemetery at Malacca. It was raining, cold and dark. Reached there (first time went there), then we were all like shivering due to coldness. The adults went to clean my great-grandfather's grave. While waiting, talked with cousins who came along. After cleaning, we prayed to him. After that, the adults went to another grave without us, which is my 1st great-grandmother's. After that grave, we went to another one which is my 2nd great-grandmother. (I was surprised i got two great-grandmothers) Did the same. It was still raining. After that, got into the car and went to another cemetery. While on the way, we passed by the field where the birds from other country flew there. Cool:p there are alot of them, but we could not see them clearly because they were far out in the field. Anyway, went to another cemetery. It's my 1st grandmother's grave there. I didn't know i have two late grandmothers too. I have always thought i have one. Did the same, adults cleaning then we prayed to her. After that, we went to a coffee shop where my aunt's sister worked. She treated us to breakfast (2nd one, since we had one in the early morning) Ate half-boiled eggs and bread and drank tea. After finished eating, i wanted a chewing gum, and my aunt's sister said i could take one for free since she knows my father. Wah, she's so nice :') May God bless her:) My sister also took a bottle of chewing gum. Then my cousin took advantage of it and asked if he could take one too. Lol, wth. Anyway, went back to car and we went back home. Reached home at around 11plus in the morning, and we finally got to play with my cousin's dog, Kitaro:) Played for awhile then went to do my Maths hw which i brought from Singapore. Then, got asked to take bath. Took bath, then blah blah. Then, got ready to go out again at around 12plus or 1plus. Fav cousin also came,along :D Then, uncle drove my mum, two aunts and i to the temple at Malacca. Another car, my cousin drove my sister, cousins and my father to same place. Went to temple and met another set of family, which are my relatives. Went into the temple and went to my late grandmother's ashes.(Finally someone whom i know) Prayed then waited before we went off. It was like half an hour before we left the temple. Then, two cars of us went to this interesting restaurant at Malacca. TBowl Restaurant! The seats are all like toilet bowl seats! Hahaha! There were 11 of us, wow. Took like one long table. Ordered food, food served, some served in like toilet bowl seats, or the cover. TROLOLOL, SO CUTE. :D I ordered only bread with ice-cream atopped it. After we all had finished eating, went to drive to Malacca street, the one i went before, and we went to same place to eat (again). The food we all ate, except me, were laksa. Also, deserts. After eating, walked back the way we came and we looked around like we did earlier too. Then got into car then we all went to JUSCO shopping mall at like 3plus. Reached there, the parking was like so hard to find, then we got off first while uncle went to find a lot. Then, hahaha, my cousin went to park his car at the lot for disabled people. He and my father pretended to be disabled, hahaha! Theb, got this police guy came towards us, however, he was just passing by us, lol. What a scare. Anyway, went inside and went to walk around and looked the clothes, shoes and stuffs. Then we went to EAT AGAIN. Hais, we all ate alot today but it was AWESOME:D Anyway, we ate at the Shilin food de. Ah, taiwanese street food. I remembered i went to Shilin Night Market in Taiwan. And Xin Men Ting too! Missing tjose times in Taiwan:') Well, after eating, went to walk around and we saw chocolate founde(?)  Cousin bought us to eat, yum. Chocolate-covered strawberries. :D Then, went to the shopping like, you know, supermarket de. Went to dog section, and we all go find dog food for Kitaro because my cousin didn't buy proper food for him:( Then found the suitable one. Then, we all go walk around. Then went to pay for items, and went back to carpark. And, you know what? My cousin went to his car, however, he found that another car was there instead and he got shocked. I also. Then aunt told us that his car was at another side and we all realised the place looks so similar to another side, that was why we went to wrong one! What a scare(again)! Hahaha! It was like 6plus already when we were drivibg back to home. Reached home at 7plus. Hm,... took bath and did homeworks. After finishing, tried to watch last episide of Unriddle 2 on youtube for like  nearly one hour because the internet connection is damn slow. Gave up watching and here im blogging. It's nearly midnight now. Tomorrow going back to Singapore:((( but, today was an awesome day! Were out for like 12 hours in total! Okay, imma gonna sleep. Goodnights:))

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