Super Show 4!!<3
Friday, February 24, 2012

Whee, finally saw Super Junior, 5 days ago on 19th February, right in front of my eyes! Omgawd, it was just so seem like unreal, yet real! Because i have always seen/watched them on screen! They are more handsome and HAWTTT in real life, man! The happy thing is i was able to see up so closely because i was standing in most pit A! However, the sad thing was that i did not managed to interact with them like touching their hands because there were few rows of people in front me, ugh! Also, i would have enjoyed much more, had it not been for my sister been not feeling well and i had to watch out for her. Well, at least, we enjoyed the 4-hours long concert!!:)) The boys were so hilarious and cute! Some dressed in girl costumes! At the end of concert, they played with water jet thing! I love these boys, man! And, i kinda paid more attention to my bias, Kyuhyun, kekeke!:p Anyway, Henry and Zhoumi were present! Ohyes, the photography was not allowed, but i managed to sneak snap photos with my phone!:D So, well, I MISS SUPER JUNIOR ALREADY:((( HOPE TO SEE THEM AGAIN. Like the sooner, the better. 19Feb'12; Most Memorable Day:')

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