Worst CNY Eve ever
Sunday, January 22, 2012

So, last night, my youngest uncle and his wife arrived home with their daughter. My cousin, the youngest of my generation, if you get what i mean. She is turning 4 in May this year. Well, slept at 10plus or 11plus last night. Woke at 10plus this morning and saw more relatives came. Mum helped aunts to cook food. Prayed to my late grandma. Ate breakfast. Then, what la. Then my sister went out to Tampin with two cousins(fav ones). I didnt want to go. However, later on, i realised i needed to go because i need to buy something. Dammit. Was upset. The mum told me that Malaysia no school for one week. Dammit, more upset:( Singapore, only 2 days sia! Was frowning, then mum told me to go with another cousin to Tampin but i don't want to. I just wanted my mother to come with me. Ugh. Then, i stayed home, boring life. I don't have a storybook to read. I don't have a show to watch because i didn't download WGM ep 2 and Running Man Hongkong Special Part 1. Then, did nothing lor. Went to search the videos in the hope of finding some to watch. Then, yay, went to Tampin, evwn though i felt bad bcos mum seemed angry. :/ Uncle drove us(aunt, cousin and his wife, mum and i) Reached there then went to Tampin Shopping Centre and went up to Stationary floor. Couldn't find what i want to give to my friend, so bought the alternative one. Also couldn't find the ruler my friend want. Hais. Then went to a shop beside the centre. Also couldn't there, so bought ice-cream. Ate it while waiting for uncle to come who brough aunt back first. He arrived, we went to stop by hair salon. Was surprised to see my coysin work there. I mean another cousin, haha. He was washing my cousin's hair. After that, he cut my uncle's hair. After that, went back to car. While on the way to car, bought pancakes to bring home. Then, went home. Ate crispy pancake, played with little cousin, watched bit of a movie on television. Then went to join in playing mahjong with my sister and fav cousin. For fun, keke. We were like don't know the rule, but we just went ahead and play it, keke. After few rounds, fav cousin went to bath then me then my sister at around 4plus, nearly 5. Waited for whole house to be ready before we went out in cars to eat dinner at a restaurant at around 6plus. Reunion Dinner, yeah. Went by car then reached there. We all had to take 4 tables, because there were more than 40 of us. Suddenly, something hapoen and i was damn upset and made mum angry. Cried abit. What a fked up day. Very unlucky. Worst CNY Eve ever in my life. Was sulking. Then ate dinner without talking to anyone. After dinner, went back in car and mood got lightened. Reached home, then guys played fire thing and put fireworks too! Dad asked me try log into my uncle's(youngest one) samsung tab his facebook and play a game. However, couldnt open the game, so he didn't want to buy it. Then my uncle asked me if i want it and said i should buy it. Lol. But i don't want. :p Because it's quite outdated one. So, well, went to play mahjong with my sister and fav cousin for awhile before adults took over and play. Then, got nothing to do. Lalala. Went to play with little cousin. So cuteee:D Then, said goodnight to her, then went to join my sister and fav cousin who were playing computer and asked me to log in Facebook to play Pet Society. Aiyo. Haha. But couldn't load it, so gave up. Then, what. Oh well, shall stop blogging now. It's 10plus now. >< Tomorrow Chinese New Year! Hope it will be a good day.

Oh, by the way, i apologise for confusing you with cousin cousin. Because i was lazy to type who is who. Haha.
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