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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Currently in Malaysia, back in my hometown! So, this morning, woke up at 6 and got prepared without eating breakfast, and went out to cab to Woodlands Checkpoint.  Oncr there, mum went to queue up for train tickets from Singapore and Johor Bahru, because there was custom jam like traffic jam. Very heavy, we might be late for train departure from Johor Bahru to Tampin. We went really slow and progress to get through to get finally on train then had to wait till all passengers board the small train to Johor Bahru. We waitied from 7plus till 8plus then we finally arrived at JB at around 8plus. The next train was at 9plus, so we got enough time to buy food to eat on train. I came across this new breakfast hamburger, Cheezy something, forgot the name. Then bought it! At 9, we went to board the train and the train departed as scheduled. On train, throughout 4 hours, i watched two episodes of Running Man, ep 20-plus( the dbsk one) and ep 75. It was do damn funny and i wanted to laugh out loud so badly but i could not due to people around me. I had to giggle hard and clap my hand against my legs, lol. Then watched bit of 'We Got Married, the dimple couple(Teuk and Sora) before we arrived at the destination at 1plus. When arrived, we went to nearby coffee shop and ordered drinks while waiting for cousin to pick us up. Oh, by the way, the Cheezy burger is damn delicious! So  cousin came in a car, we went to two places before finally arrived at home. So, well, mum helped my cousins with fish angpao for hanging on the trees. Dad went to pluck rbutans from a tree and i hadn't had for a long time! Ate one, and it's sweet!^^ I love it when im in here, at Malaysia. Then, we were 'playing' and, oh, i finally get to see my baby cousin since his birth last year. At around 4plus or 5plus, my sis, cousins(mother and daughter), uncle and i went to pasar malam. Bought milktea, however, it was more like iced tea. Ugh, i want milktea. Also, bought hambugers! Then we went back home at around 6plus. Took bath. Ohyeah, this cousin(12, btw) kept pestering me to send nice gifts to her on Pet Soicety so i went ahead, haha. Well, ate buger for dinner. Ugh, fats! I mean i ate bugers twice today leh! :/ Then, blah blah. Ohyeah, annoying cousin came, lol. Haha. Continued watching WGM ep 1. Then, lala. Hmm, now it's 10plus, and i dont wanna sleep yet. So, well, end of today's post. Xoxo.

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