Goodbye, hometown :(
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hm, let me make this post short..

Woke up at 8 plus this morning, ate breakfast then got prepared to go back to Singspore. Bid goodbyes to relatives. Fav cousin maybe upset to find out we left when she finished her bath. :( Anyway, left home at around 10plus, and uncle drove us to Tampin train station. Reached there, then uncle left. We went to that 'coffee shop' again and drink and ordered packed food to eat on train. Then, we waited for the train to come at 11:12am. Finally, it came, and we boarded it. Guess what? Our seats are not seats, but beds! Cool, right? Haha. While on train, i was watching 'We Got Married' ep 2 -Teuk and Sora. Didn't realised that actually ep 3 video is ep 2 uh. While watching, ate nasi lemak. Yum. Then, after watching ep2, realised i dont have full of ep 3. Then ate snacks and got tired. Went to nap. It was ard 2plus. The train freaking shook me but managed to fall asleep till father woke up me and i saw that we arrived at Johor Bahru. It was 3plus, nearly 4.  Then, got passports checked then waited for 15mins, before we set off to Singapore. Reached Woodlands checkpoint then checked passports then bags before we went outside to taxi stand. Waited for a long time and it was 5 already. Finally, got taxi and were on the home. Reached home at around 5plus. Wah, missing Malaysia:(  Hope can go back in April or whenever holidays. Hais. So, tomorrow school already:/  Time flies. As if i had been in Singapore all along. Oh, well, end of post:)  Happy CNY!

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