Friday, October 14, 2011

Well well, long time no blog. Ahahaha. End-Of-Year Examinations are officially OVERRR!!! Kekeke. What have i been up to? Well... Oh shyt, i just realised i have not blogged AT ALL last month... Well, just turned sweet 16 last month, kekeke. Since last post, i went to see the 'On The Fringe' casts again! ^^ Today is the dayyy! I'll be going on holiday this evening! Though still in Singapore, hahah. Except that it's out at the sea! Yes, it's cruise :D For 3D2N. Yay, cant waittt! So, well, as for exams, i hope to pass English or else i will not be able to get promoted to Sec 4 express ;A; If im not not able to, i would not be able to move on and dwell on it for the rest of my life.... Please, let me pass it. And i'll be very glad. Okay, well, nothing to say now! Maybe i'll blog about the trip when i have time! :D


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