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Thursday, October 20, 2011

So, two days ago which was on Tuesday, supposed to get back my papers, but i went for the animation course at Ngee Ann Poly with Eden, my classmate-plus-a-buddy-yeah (ahhaha). And i didnt bring my phone on that day! Hais... Was dying to know my English and Maths Papers. Then my Amaths partner class, Bever-Leigh, told about my marks. Phew, just passed! Yeah, omg, just just passed! The course lasted for like 8-9 hours, woah. And during lunch time, i thought i saw an actress, Teresa Tseng. You know the female winner of the first Campus Superstar back in 2006? Yeahhh. Hahah. Not sure, it it was her... So, anyway, finally got to go home at 5plus. And the bus and MRT was damn crowded! PEAK HOURS, DAMN YOU. Finally got home at 7pm. Then, the next day which was yesterday, got to check the rest of the papers. They were Biology, Social Studies and Geography. I failed all of them... Ohyes, before getting back the papers, was told that my classmate whose index number is after me, checked my papers on Tuesday. English, E Mathematics, Combined Science (Physics and Chemistry). Omg, was so darn happy when i saw she recorded down for me that i just passed English. 50.6%, fyeahhh. Thank you so much, to whoever. :D Then i got surprised i got A1 and 3rd position for E Maths in class. And another A1 for Science-Chemistry and 4th for it! Woah :D Was told that one of my questions (the choosing 2 out of 3) full marks eh. I was really surprised because i anyhow did that :p So, well, for Science-Physics, just got C5! Phew. So, anyway, i was thinking, why do i only get to see my failing papers, not my passing papers! Zzzzz. Worse, Eden still didnt know how she did for the papers except Bio, SS, GG and MT. Ahh, im still afraid that i'll not be able to get promoted to Sec 4 Express because of Combined Humanities.... :(( Please please get me promoted...


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