Johnny English Reborn :D
Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yesterday, went to watch a movie, Johnny English Reborn, at Golden Village at Tampines Mall with mother and sister~ The movie is damn hilarious, man! You guys should watch if you have not! :D So, anyway, i think i have to forget about getting new phone this year since my current phone can still be used even though the touch screen is worsening to the touch. And i'll have to stick to current phone plan. My sister should get her iPhone 4 as her reward for being top 5 in class. Amazing, huh. Why can't i achieve like that. :( And, wow, yesterday, at mall, i saw alot of people queuing at Singtel, M1 and Starhub. Definitely for iPhone 4S. Hahaha. Hm,... for one thing now i am worried about, is SDMA, a competition. I hope my team will be able to finish our animation on time! Yeah, the deadline is on 18 Nov! Omgawddd. :/ Well, holiday has started, however, for my level (Sec 3), there's still school for next two weeks till 11/11/11. :/ Wahh. Especially Amaths, there're alot of classes of it. :( 'O' level next year, gonna cry soon. :'( Okay, good luck for me and my team on SDMA! :D


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