Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello, im back from Cruise trip! Well, it was awesome. At times, there was some moments i got upset, yeahh. And cried too. Thanks to her lor. Two persons. Zzzzz, wasted my precious moments. But, then, we get to enjoy! You know, the cruise is damn big and long, right? But when we were inside, it was like small.. Hahaha. Well, there's swimming pool, on deck 12 (the highest is deck 13), which is 7 feet deep! There are four Jacuzzis around the pool. And, oh, there's long slide, that i took! Awesome, ahahahha. Mei was afraid to take it, ahahah. And the water is Jacuzzi is hot hot! But you will get used to it when you go in, of course. By the way, my cabin was on Deck 10, yeahhh. The room is so small, but there're three bed plus a mattress underneath a bed. Just nice for three of us, mother, mei and i :) So, what we did? Hm,.. okay, so, two nights ago, mei went to bed early. Mother and i went with aunt and uncle to see the performances, like acrobat ones, at late, at The Lido. Awesome lah. We got to see in real life! Wow, amazing. Those Russians people. And then, had supper. The next day which is yesterday, had breakfast at the same place the night before. Buffet lor. Same goes for lunch and dinner, because there were alot of people eating at another free restaurants. Anyway, we were out at hiugh sea, no signal! Well, yesterday, mei and i got to surf internet in library (yeah, there's library on ship :D) that charges 23 cents per minute. Expensive eh. So i used for half an hour. The internet was slowww and the computer too. So, anyway, went for a swim and Jacuzzi with mother, mei (finally agreed to go), uncle and aunt. Then had dinner, yeah. Then went to Galaxy of Stars room at around 8plus. Mei and i watched performances. The girls are really good at acrobat. And they're so flexible. Three performers in all. Then it was singing bee. Mei and i went infront. Watched for awhile, and i fell asleep. Mother had to go somewhere at deck 7 to do something. Then woke up and tried to fall sleeping again. And so on for like 1 hour(?) Am not sure. Mei also did that, after seeing me falling asleep, ahaha. The two girls were singing so loudly, but still able to catch some sleep. Till mother came and called us up and asked us to go back to our cabins. Kekeke, finally lor. Then went to sleep, while mei watched television. The next day, this morning, i woke up at 6 to go to toilet. Then slept then woke up at 8 by mother. Went to eat breakfast at Bella Vista, the one free restaurant we never went before. After breakfast (&& i ate cheese again, well, i ate cheese for EVERY meal on cruise trip, woah), went to collect passport. Saw that we were reaching Singapore land, so mei went to take her phone and when she was able to send a message, she smsed lot. Zzz. Hahaha. After collecting passports, went to The Lido, and waited. Till we were finally able to leave the cruise. Aw, that was a short trip, with only one FULL day on cruise. So, checked out and then we were at Harbourfront centre. Walked around before taking MRT to home. So, yeah, im gonna miss cruise. Eh. SuperStar Virgo! (Y)
Ohyes, we didnt get to go to the pointy end of the ship :( Anyway, these are some photos i took with my phone on the camera (it's easy to transfer from phone to here, yeah) -

Grand Piazza View of ship from harbourfront centre


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