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Friday, June 24, 2011

Hm, for past four days (20th - 23rd June), i have been going out. Alright, let's blog! Kekeke :D Well, just a short post each :))

Monday, 20th June
Went to Tampines to eat lunch with mei and my mother. After that, went back to Bedok to meet my cousins before going to Novena. Went there to look for my mother's friend's noodles shop. So, went there and, at first, couldnt find the shop, then found it. Was about to close. Had drinks, then went to VeloCity Novena to my mother's friend's friend's shop. Saw Angry Birds plushies there, and my little cousin got excited, hahah :D Then ate Mango Pudding, while waiting for mei to come from Tampines. Then blah blah, after eating, went to take MRT to go to Raffles Place, to go to my aunt's workplace. Ate abit there, like bread. And, then, went back home.

Tuesday, 21st June
It was USS trip day! :D Got invited by Cassy. 7 people, including me, went thereee :D So funnn there, you know! When first arrived, took some pictures with Xinyi and Ruiyi. Then met Cassy, her mother and her brother, who was joining and her friend. Cassy said got one more person, and it was Pearl, yay! Hahah. So, let me list down what we played ;)

1. Firstly, when we entered, Cassy brought us to locker to put out bags in, before going on the world's tallest roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica: CLYON! (The blue track). Was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Then, for real, we were up in the air! You know, i thought we were flying, because the the coaster is suspended one! And just realised, the track is actually above us. I was feeling like "Ahhh, i wanna dieee! Faster enddd!' Hahah
2. After Clyon, went for Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN! (The red track). And it was way more scarier, cause the you-know-the-safety-belt is different. Ruiyi said she would not take that anymore, ahha. :p
3. After Human, went for another ride which is Revenge of the Mummy, which i thought to be scary, so i closed my eyes all the way. For Clyon and Human, i closed my eyes too, as it was first time taking them.
4. Went for another Revenge of the Mummy ride again, but this time round, one girl didnt take, so she looked after our bags. And this time round, I opened my eyes all the way and it was darn thrilling! We were prepared for the flashing camera! To take photo of us! Hahah
5. Went to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure which we needed to wait for an hour for our turn! So, this one ah, Xinyi, Ruiyi and i got wet! The most! -.- Hahaha, Cassy and Pearl said we were unlucky, yeah, we were...
6. It was lunch time, so we went to Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. Hey, i tell you, it was the most expensive lunch i had ever bought... And what a big pizza!
7. After lunch, went into 'Lights, Camera, Actions!' which is hosted by Steven Spielberg. Woah, it was cool. Showing how they make movies. :D
8. Went for Accelerator which is like spinning cup. Ruiyi didnt join in as she was afraid to get dizziness.
9. Another ride! Went for CLYON! Ruiyi and one girl didnt join in. And this time round, i opened my eyes all the way!
10. Wanted to go foir Canonpy Flyer, however, we needed to wait for an hour again, so we didnt get to go for it. Went to take Dino-Soarin, instead. It's the one that we can soar up into the sky or down into the cooling shadows. Partnered with Cassy and she kept pressing the white button for us to go up. Heheh :D
11. Went to Far Far Away place, hahha. I like this name :D Looked around and took some pictures while waiting for Pearl and Cassy's brother and one girl to buy their drinks from Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar. Cassy, Ruiyi and Xinyi bought ice-creams. Then the three ate finished and another three have bought the drinks.
12. Went into Shrek 4-D Adventure. We had to take the 3-D glasses (?) and went inside. So cool! Getting to experience with the Shrek, the chairs moved! So funnn, ahhaha!
13. After the Shrek one, went for the ride, which is Enchanted Airways. Woah, the speed is fast too! But not like the Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN which its speed is 82.2km/h
14. Went to Madagascar place. Then queued up for the Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, which we took the boat ride and went around to see. Cool uh. Those four animals, you know? Hahah
15. And we went back to Sci-Fi City, where we took the Cylon ride again! 3rd time! Heheh. All of us took which meant that we had to put our bags in the lockers.
16. After Clyon, went to take Human, which Ruiyi dont want to take, so she looked after our bags. Woohoo, 2nd time! Opened my eyes all the way too! :D So thrilling!
17. & 18. Took Revenge of the Mummy rides again! However, that one girl didnt take. Whoohoo, 3rd and 4th times! We kept posing for the camera :p Hahah

So, after that, Ruiyi, Xinyi and i wandered off to take pictures and lost sight of the rest. Me bought the long bottle of blueberry as USS souvenir! Xinyi had to go off so she went off first. Then Ruiyi and i walked around to look for the rest, but could not. SMSed them, but no replys. So, Ruiyi went into the Universal Studio Store to buy a tee as a souvenir. Then we left the USS :( Thought of going back in but didnt. When it was 7pm, and there was still no reply from them, we left the place and took the bus back to HarbourFront MRT Station. Reached home at around 8plus. Whooohoo, had so much fun! :D Hm, here is one photo from the Revenge of the Mummy ride. :) -
We went ahhh during the last fall! :D

Wednesday, 22nd June
On that day, went to NEX at Serangoo, the shopping mall i have always wanted to go and see. Went with mother, mei and cousins. As for cousins, i meant cousin and her two sons, Ryan and Gavin. Took circle line to reach there. Went up to Level 4R to go to library. Borrowed three books while mei borrowed too. Then left library, and came across Aspire Hub Education. The tuition. Saw the results were really good and i was like 'so good meh'. And it's damn expensive! Zzz, dont wanna go got it. Hahah. Then, went down to 4th level. Walked around, and bought some food from 7-eleven. Then went to arcade. Mum got some coins from my another cousin. And they are the same as the ones used in that arcade! Cool! So, went to play car with mei. I always lose sia.. Im really a lousy player T_T After we have used up the coins but only one left, we left the place, then went to walk around and to Sogurt to eat Yogurt. Yummy, but expensive. :/ After eating, went to 3rd level to look for sports shop cause mei, then bought nothing but socks. Hahah. Then went to 4th level to eat at food court. Bought food at Pepper Lunch Express. Yummm. Kekeke. After eating, went down to B2 to go take MRT back to home. Oh wait, before going home, went to spec shop to buy new spec for myself!

Thursday, 23rd June
Another outing day yesterday, went to Expo with mother and cousins. Cousin wanted to go there to see the furniture and buy the sofa. Went to Hall 6 and looked around, but never buy any. Then mother was 'pestered' by a woman to ask her to go for a short massage. She went. Then the rest of us were like waiting very long. Then finally, after like 30 minutes (?), i went to check my backbone for awhile. Then went to Hall 5 for food fair. Bought food and ate while walking. We saw the place where there were tables and chairs. Luckily, that day was the first day, so there were not so many people. We found the sea easily, and enjoyed our food :D After eating and drank the sugar cane drinks, walked around again. Bought another food which is Durian pancake. Yum, even though i felt full. Been eating alot these days. :/ Fats. D: After that, went to find a place to sit outside the hall, for it was time for baby cousin to drink milk. After finished, went back to take MRT to go home.

Whew! Today, no outing. But tomorrow, yes. Swimming! :D I hope my muscle get better by tomorrow :D Alright, i think it's a long post already! Gonna watch City Hunter ep 9! :D


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