Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello, hahaha! It's June! First post in June 2011 :p So anyway, holidays now.. Had extra lessons last week till 6th June. And, then finally, no more extra lessons. Oh, by the way, had inter-CCA camp on 30th May and 31 May. Had to go home so late. Better than overnight. It was my sister's birthday on 31 May, anyway! Hahaha. Had so much at combined CCA camp, my group for Amazing Race, we got first! Hohoho. Then, 31 May was last day for inter-cca camp. However, still got DMC camp after combined one on the same day. Had to go out for photography outing. My group went to Changi Airport. So, well, shall not elaborate. That day was 1st day of DMC camp. Then 1st June, had the second one. But, went home earlier ^^ Hmm,...
Oh yes, yesterday, went to Somerset for movie date with Celine and Mrs Teo! Watched X-men! Im sorry that i dont want to watch Dylan Dog, Celine. I dont wanna get nightmare. So, yeahh. Before movie, we ate at Pasta Mania. And we were late for the movie, so we didnt get to watch the starting :/ The movie is COOOL, all i can say! Hahaha, so, after movie, took MRT and went home with Celine dropping off first. Well well, i have got nothing to say..... Kekeke. OH YA! SMTown in Paris, i so wanna go! I so wanna see Super Junior! I pay anything to see them, even for once! And, i was (wait, still am), envious of those lucky fans, especially girls, who got hugged by some of Suju-M members at Taiwan Fan Meeting few days ago. T_T And, also, at National Youth Day at Malaysia which is free concert sia! Zzzzz, if only i had been there for holiday or what. T_T All i can wish is to meet them, maybe all of them, somewhere in the world. Or Singapore :D Alright, cut cut hereee! Ending hereeee.


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