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Sunday, June 19, 2011

So, the show, 'City Hunter', is the show now i am watching. But, i still have to wait for the episodes to up on internet after it's been aired in Korea every Wednesday and Thursday. Really slow, and the drama is so damn exciting :D Kekeke, Lee Min Ho's character is more dashing than in 'Boys Over Flowers' and 'Personal Taste'. In this drama, 'City Hunter', the cool side of him is revealed! :P And imma making this drama my favourite! Glad i came across this drama! :D By the way, gonna make gifs out of this! Yeah, hope it will come out nice :) Alright, stop blabbing about this, kekeke. Well, today, Yuting is coming back from Perth with Wendy and others who went there! Wahh, Perth, you know! Hahha. In two days' time, i will be at Universal Studio! With Cassy, Xinyi and Ruiyi! Woohoo, first time going to be there! Let's hope it will be fun and memorable trip! :)


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