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Thursday, May 12, 2011

So far, i have not blogged for nearly a month! Shall try to update as often as i can :{D Hahah, so, tomorrow is my last paper, Biology Paper 1! By the way, it's Friday the 13th tomorrow! Woah, people said it's an unlucky day. But, no, why would i believe. Just smile and Lady Luck will shine one you :) And it's Cassy's birthday tomorrowwww. Ahh, have not bought a present for herrr. So gonna buy it tomorrow ;) Her birthday party is held so late, 6pm to 9.30pm. Hope it will be fun! Anyway, for my past MYE papers, I flunked Physics Paper 2 the most yesterday! D: It was because during the exam, i realised that i have forgotten to bring house keys. And i was worried i could not go home. I also didnt bring my phone and bus card. What a..... I didnt complete the paper! :(( Im so upsetttttttt. I hope i will be able to just pass it with the help of paper 1. Well, other than Physics paper that i didnt complete, i also didnt complete Emaths and Amaths. I do not know how to do some questions, hais. Definitely failing English, Amaths, maybe Emaths, Physics and ohyes, Geography! Im worst at Geography! Well, hope to get good results, at least :)


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