13thhhh Mayyyy
Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, hm, last paper! Biology Paper 1. Hope to pass it uh! So, anyway, went home at 8plus, i think that was the earliest time i ever went home from school. Then at around 4plus, went to Bedok Point to meet Xinyi to buy birthday present for Casandra. Wanted to buy something Cassy wanted but could not find it, so bought another stuff. After that, went to take bus 67 and went to Tamp Interchange to meet Ruiyi. She came later, phew. Hahah. So, we met and we were on the way out of interchange when Xinyi knocked into Cassy without realising. Woah, fated much? Hahah. Then Cassy told us to go to her house first. It was raining sia. Anyway, reached there and ate the food from buffet. Wow, delicious. :D Chatted with Xinyi and Ruiyi while eating. Then saw Cassy came back with Pearl. After eating and was damn full, ruiyi told me that i could use her iphone as modem. I was like surprised, really can meh? Then tried. Wow, i can connect in my phone via wifi using her internet in her phone. It's like, OHHH SOO COOOLL! Omgawd, i didnt know about it man. AHhaha, Then went on internet. When done, went to watch Love on television. Heheh, i was like the only one to watch while the rest who were watching are all adults. Why! Love is also nice drama mah. Hahah. Then Cassy said to go downstair to void deck to play water. I wanted to watch Love, but then decided to go down. Xinyi and i went down by staircase, ahahh. Then went to void deck. Xinyi, Ruiyi, her friend and i dont want to play. So Ruiyi and her friend chatted. I played my phone game. Aiyo, they all played with water, noisy, hahah. I think they were lucky to have no neighbour complain. Then after like 10-15 minutes, some went up, including Xinyi and i. Went back to eat abit and watched Love at around 8plus. Then blah blah. Ruiyi, Xinyi and i sat together and chatted about many stuffs. Wow. Hahha. When it was 9plus, the rest came back and were drenched. Then saw alot of them watched the 9pm show. Wth, hahahah. Then it's 9.30pm, and the cake is still have not cut yet. Then finally, celebration. Took photos then sang the birthday song then ate the cake before some of us went off. Ruiyi's father fetched her uh, so good. Then xinyi and i chatted while walking to bus stop to take 67. Talked about human stuffs, haha. Then bus came, and took it. Xinyi dropped off before i dropped at Bedok Station two stops later. Then, took bus and went home. Woah, reached at 10.30pm. Didnt want to sleep but then this morning, i woke up at 6 and i realised that i fall asleep without knowing, man! I still have my spec on and my handphone was still on with internet on too! Ohgawd. Haha, anyway, shall stop here!
By the way, no school for next four days! Woohooo :DD


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