Oh, it was yesterday
Sunday, April 17, 2011

So, well, as usual, im gonna blog about yesterday. Woke up at 7 by mother then prepared to go to Bedok Inter to meet Xinyi. Met her and took 197 to VJC for Photography Seminar. However, we dropped off at Victoria School. Went inside and i thought that it was not the same place as i went last year. I kept thinking we went to wrong school and yes, we did. There was another girl from our school also came there, and luckily, we went inside or else that girl would not know. So, we all walked to Victoria Junior College and the place looks familiar and it is the correct place. Hahah :p So, went in and went to the same place as last year as if i study there. Then registered then went into performance theater. There was no seat for us, so we up to take seats. Then blah blah. The speech started. Then one photographer talked about his bird photography. It was awesome. Then after 45 minutes, another came. Actually those are photographers of newspaper, wow. Then break for 10 minutes then lucky draw 1 then another photographer who is woman (awesome). Then after 45 minutes, lucky draw 2. Then blah blah, then left the theater. Went to gather around with SACians. Then saw long queues for exchanging feedbacks for goodies bags. Xinyi and i queued up for refreshment. Then i asked Xinyi to take goodies bag for us while i queued for her. And so on, got the goodies bag, woah, heavy. Then ate refreshment. After that, at around 1plus, left VJC. Was supposed to go to Parkway Parade to meet cousins. But then, baby cousin just slept so went home first. Then used comp. By the way, the magazines in goodies bags, there are two issues (Winter 2010 and Spring 2011) of 'Photo You'. Awesome, they are useful :D Plus other stuffs. Even the canon picture that is notebook. Anyway, used comp for awhile then cousin smsed me to get ready. Then got ready and went down to wait for cousins to arrive by taxi to go to Parkway Parade. Reached there, and went to CD shop then Giant. B0ught stuffs and food. Then, went to take taxi back to cousin's house. I went there for dinner. Played with cousin too :)) Around 6plus, went home by myself. Then reached home and mei was at home with balloon. Hey, that is an expensive balloon! Omgawd. Anyway, took bath then blah. Well, shall stop here. Seeya! :D


Evelyn Lee.

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