Jogathon's 3.2km!
Friday, April 1, 2011

So, today is 1st April and it's Friday. FRIDAY FRIDAY! HAhah, anyway, it means April's Fool Day. And it also means JOGATHON for SACSS. It means we all need to run 3.2km at Bedok Reservoir Park.
This morning, i woke up and.... I WENT BACK TO SLEEP. LOLLL, then woke up again to wash up and eat bteakfast and changed into wearing class tee and school skirt (duh). went to take 17A with mei. Then stopped at third stop after our stop and walked to another bus stop. Mei was waiting for her friend then buses came which go to Bedok Reservoir but i didnt take as it was still early. Then 28 came, which mei was taking. Then mei seem cant wait to get rid of me, and i thought it's because of her friend. Damn you lah. Like she asked me to sit on the below deck while they were on the upper deck but the bus was crowded and they didnt get to go up. And, when we were reaching Bedok Reservoir Park, mei pressed the bell. Why for? It was like she was dropping off at next stop. Do you even know how it hurts?! You couldn't wait to get rid of me when you're around your friend!! Alright, then got dropped off at Bedok Reservoir Park. Were you happy? FUUYOU. So, anyway, went to park and looked for my classmates but instead, i saw Claira, Adeline and Vanessa and chatted with them. Adeline tried to prank me but i saw through her, ahahaha. Then saw chariperson and went to with my classmates to get the ribbon before we assembled. Then blah blah, principal was talking for the opening of Jogathon 2011. Then around 8plus, it was Sec 4/5's Competitive Run then sec 3s. Woah. Around like 15-20 minutes later, Yuting and i were surprised that sec 4/5's came already to the ending. We were like "is the distance so short?" Then we watched who came and so on. Then Sec 3s came. Sheryl was like took so long to arrive. Then it was Sec 2's turn for the competitive run then sec 1. We saw that the frist sec 2 came whom i know and see liker everywhere in school. I knew she is like the fastest runner, judging from her legs :p Anyway, it was Fun Run's time for everyone except those who ran for Competitive Run. Omg, it was the time. So, we ran. I told myself not to stop. But i don't know but i cant. :( Then Yuting caught up with me. Then we ran and walked together. Then i was like very tired. Then my classmates, Carmen and Amanda.L were there and supported me. Had not been for them, i would not have gotten top 100. Yes, i got 71st :)) At least, top 100. Yuting got 69th. We ran for like 20-25 minutes. When i finally finished, zomg, it was embarrassing, i vomited abit. Then i drank water and split it out and saw two girls see me with disgust looks on their faces. Damn damn damn. Must you show it?! Anyway, went to sit on the grass and rested. Then went to the playground there and found Yuting and others. And so on. Ohyes, thanked Carmen and Amanda.L for their supports :D When the fun run for all levels ended at around, went to assemble for prize-giving. Saw with Joy and Jessica from 3/8. We all got the gifs. My class got the iPhone's covers and the biscuit. I don't have iPhone but i just took it anyway. Some classes got pen or highlighters or others. Then, prize-giving. My class got no class prize, but individual prizes for competitive run. Then blah blah, after the prize-givings and the closing ceremony speech of Jogathon 2011 by the principal, took class photos. Then i went to find Yuting and others. Then, went to take bus to Bedok Interchange to go to library with Wendy and Mansura. At library, Mansura and i chatted and used computers. After that, went to look for Yuting and Wendy. Wendy left to go home. So, Mansura, Yuting and i went to McDonalds. Bought 4.50. Honestly, regretted buying. :/ Then we chatted as we eat and even after eating. Never ending. Hahaha :D Then around 1 plus, went home. Zzz, should have walk home, not take bus. Anyway, reached home then took bath and did homework. Father came home and used comp for awhile before going off and here am i blogging. SO, OVERALL, JOGATHON WAS FUN! :D


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