CCA 2 days Camp!
Thursday, March 17, 2011

Okay, so, imma blogging about CCA yesterday and today.
Yesterday morning, went to school at 8plus for Social Studies tutorial. When nearing to ending lesson, got back the common test paper. Woohoo, just A1 :)) However, if i combine Geography and Social Studies, i would fail combined humanities. :(( Well, after SS, went to toilet to change into PE shirt. Then went to first level and saw Yuting and others on the swing outside the office. Then chatted till 10.40am then went to Art Room and saw the rest already came. Blah blah, took attendance. Then after that, sec 2s & 3s went into another room while sec new members stayed in another. Then Yuting, Sheryl, Wendy and i talked talked, oh yeah, plus Vanessa and Xinyi who came later from her tutorial. Then watched about Supersize and those fast food like McDonalds. After that, watched another show which i have forgotten. Than had lunch at 12plus or 1plus. Nasi Lemak, yeahh. After lunch, chatted again hahah. At around 2plus, got ready to go on photography outing. Got into groups and im in the same group as Sheryl :)) Then got the camera but Sheryl and i dont have. So, we went down and got on the bus and went to Marina Bay. Shall not go into details. Just summarizing. So, one of the seniors saw that Sheryl and i dont have the camera, so she gave one to us to share. From Marina Bay, we took pictures. Then we walked walked to Merlion there. Sheryl and i could not find the Merlion and realised it has been temporarily transform into The Merlion Hotel. Cool uh. It was such a hot day. But still, better, no rain. We took pictures there and there of Singapore River. And, ohhh, Marina Bay Sands. How i miss going in there! Hahah. After the merlion place, walked back to the same place we has first came. Then, walked walked, to like Raffles Place(?) Now, as im blogging, im confused where we went yesterday.. The places are all like connected. So, anyway, went into Fullerton Hotel to get through to another place. Yes, i have been there before and it's Raffles Place. So outside Fullerton Hotel, they bought ice-cream. I didnt buy as i don't want. So, after ice-cream, walked walked then stopped at a place. Took a group picture. Then blah blah. Our group and another group which group 3 were with Mr Yeo. So, other group had gone with other teachers. We were like the last behind and walked walked along Boat Quay. Then, we stopped and rested at the end. We stayed there for like an hour? Till nearly 7pm, when we went to a shopping mall, near Bugis, for dinner. Went to food court. Then i had pepper chicken lunch :D It was hot! And had to eat slowly. Wendy told me that Yuting's group and other groups had McDonald for dinner. Wahh. So, anyway, after dinner, went outside and to the same place, no, not exactly, but still Boat Quay. Took pictures at slow shutter speed as it was dark. Saw the moon beside the building, and, oh, it looked beautiful! So, decided to take photo of it. :)) After that, decided to stop, so went to sit with Wendy. Then Sheryl took pictures anyhow, hahha. Then around nearly 8, went off. Then Sheryl was escorted to MRT Station by Mr Yeo while the rest of us went to find the bus by ourselves at Clarke Quay. Then went to beyond the place where the bus was, and went back again and saw the bus and got on. Woohoo, finally. Then the other groups came up. Yuting had gone home by MRT too. So, we all went to school. Then went inside. And and, someone screamed out of blue as the girls ran from the toilet. Then i went to find out with Adeline. I didnt see. Adeline saw and said it was scary and almost screamed. It was a cat with black eyes and white body. Oh no, i didnt dare to see it, hahha. So, anyway, after that, Ms Chia talked about something i forgot. Then we got dismissed. Ran with Xinyi to the gate. Then went to find my father but he havent come yet then he came already. Got on the motor and rode back home in less than 5 minutes! :DD Took bath with hair washing as it stink from sweating whole day. Slept at 11plus. By the way, im glad that we didnt stay overnight at school, the school is like so old. Hahah!
The next day which is today. Mom woke me up at 7 which was the wrong time. Told her to wake me up at 8, not 7. Then slept till 8 then prepared and went to school. And it was raining! Okay, bah, shall skip whatever in school, to the Day 2 outing. Went to Bugis. Then took pictures and walked walked around. The place looks like Little India and Sheryl said it is. But how can? Little India is far from Bugis. But anyway, as we passed by the shops, we took pictures. And, oh, Mr Chua came! Xinyi smsed Casandra about it aas she didnt come for camp. Anyway, went around to take more pictures. Blah blah blah, then went for lunch at a shop. Ohgawd, air-con. So cold siaaa. I dont even know why. I have to resist cold! Well, anyway, ordered roti prata and the rest too. The food came in such a long time and we waited for like 30-45 minutes. Then roti prata finally came. It is big and with egg. I didnt eat finish and gave the rest to Sheryl as i felt like vomiting. But we didnt had time, so Sheryl left my overleft prata uneaten. Then we went off. I had to pay 2.70. Phew. Then, went back to same path we walked then Mr Chua had to go off, so we bidded byes to him. Then we walked to Arab St and met other groups. I let Sheryl take all the pictures as i felt no good. Walked around and saw the stuffs that were like second-handed, wait, more likely third-handed. They were so like "who would buy them". Well, it was time to gather then as we walked, we saw that a woman and a man quarreling. I don't know what was going on but Sheryl told me that the man 'punch'/hit the woman. :o Then, we walked back to the place where we had dropped off, by longer way like, going to traffic there and cross the road, not across the, err, without the traffic. Then waited for the bus to come and pick us up and went back to school. Slept on the bus all the way. Then reached school and went up to Art Room. Then Ms Chia talked about whatever thing. Then we got dismissed. Walked home and reached home before 3pm, wow! Haha Then, was really tired and my phone had gone flat and i cant go on internet on phone and i felt asleep on my bed. Then woke up at around 4:45pm and took bath then ate dinner mom cooked :D Then did homework and that was when i realised i have forgotten to take my Social Studies textbook from Xinyi! Ah, hell, how to do homework. So, she said she would pass to me tomorrow in the morning. Then, blah blah. And here am i blogging. Hm, what a long post! I have not posted a long one for a long time! So, yeah, here is one. Hahha, bye!


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