Whee, Malaysia~!
Thursday, February 3, 2011

Helllooo, am blogging right now in Malaysia! Internet is back, yeahhh! So, yesterday, in the late morning, washed cars with cousin and played with water. It was very funnnn! Washed 3 cars, by the way. In the afternoon, went to Malacca shopping. Wait, i mean Jusco shopping mall. When reached there, cousin bought us ice-cream :D Then walked around and saw Old Town Coffee Shop. Too many people that we had no seat for ourselves. There were 11 of us. So, went to buy chicken then walked around to up to next level. Then woman went to shoe shop while the rest eat. Then blah blah, went up to next level. Father and i went to the shops to look for film for the old camera that my mother came across while clearing out the cupboard. Yes, i want to use it. It is very old and the shops dont have :( It's 'unique' to me :p So, after we all had finished eating, we went to the place where there is the games. Father gave my sister and i RM10 to play the games. We played the car and table hockey. Then, used up. Watched other cousins play the ball thingy. When we finished, adults went to buy stuffs from the shopping. Then went back to the car and drive back to home. When reached, we needed to go out again to restaurant for reunion dinner. So, no time to take bath. Went there then had dinner. When my sister and i had our fills, we went home with other four cousins, cause one of them was tired and we needed to take bath. Then went back home and took bath. After bath, saw that the internet came back. So, used after cousin (oh, wait, im talking about our fav cousin) used. Then, mei usedn and the internet blacked out. Zzzz, so father cant use. Then cousin , mei and i played with fire things. Heheh, was scared at first then got it :)) After that, watched adults mixing the drinks and asked others to try. Hahah, it was funny. Then bored. Was tired, so decided to sleep. Then this morning, i realised that people stayed up late last night to countdown to Chinese New Year. With the red pop pop thingy, uh, idk what it called. This morning also had but i was sleeping :/ Got bath then changed into new year clothes and went to temple to pray. Okay, now, it's 1.36pm! Wait, i thought it was like 3plus?! Hahha, got to eat lunch. Will continue blogging tomorrow if the internet is okay :)


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