Last dayyyy :(
Saturday, February 5, 2011

Now blogging in Malaysia. Hope to type finish before i go off to Singapore today. So, after that previous post which is two days ago (3rd Feb). Ate lunch then used lappy again. Then mei went to cousin's girlfriend's house with fav cousin. I went to another temple with others to pray to my late grandmother. Reached there and met other uncles, aunts and cousins. Then prayed then blah blah. Then went back to car and drove to uncle's big house. Wait, before that, bought KFC :) Then reached there and i took cheese wedges. Hehe, ate all of them. Then, was very full and played lappy in that house. Then after that, needed to go back home. Then drove back home and saw that mei came home already with fav cousin. Mei told me that cousin was gonna buy pizza and i really wanted to eat xD Then took bath and used my phone go on Wifi-ing. Then cousin came but i saw that he bought KFC. I was like 'KFC again?!" Then i ate cheese wedges again and drank pepsi. Then used computer then mother called me that got burger. I was like very full but still ate it. Then ate slowly then halfway then threw it away. Hm, after that, played pop pop with cousins and mei :D Very fun we had. Then we used up the whole big box of it :P Mother was very shocked that we finished the newly bought box that night. HAhaha. Then watched Rob-B-Hood and laughed at the funny moments. Blah blah, forgot the rest then slept at around 11plus.
The next day which is yesterday (4th Feb), woke up at 9plus by mother. Then washed up and went to bath. Then wifi, of course, hahaha. At around 11plus, mother's sister which is my aunt, arrived to fetch us to mother's side at Segamat. Another fav cousin, Hui Wen, was there in the car and chatted. Then reached there in about an hour's time. Greeted and got angbaos. Then ate lunch there. After that, sat around then went to another house which is my aunt's. Saw that Ryan just came and other littles cousins too. Cute uh :D Then played and chatted. Then mother said to go out for awhile then went out to meet another two aunts. Ate two full-boiled eggs and drank iced-tea. Omg, so full. Then went back, then photo spammed :D Ryan and another cousin, Eason, came over and went back. They repeated again. They very naughty uh. Wait, Eason influenced Ryan.. Then blah blah. When it's around 4plus, father still havent arrive to fetch us home. So, aunts fetched us home as the car havent come back yet over there that father got no car to fetch us. The trip was okay. Mei felt dizzy. Then finally reached home. Mei got fever. Well, took bath and heard got BBQ that night. Was excited xD Then after bath, watched Ponyo with other cousins. Then ate BBQ while watching Ponyo. When almost finished, went to carry the kid who is my youngest cousin from my uncle and let her throw pop pop. Then blah blah. Then i went to on computer and the internet kept disconnectind so i off the comp. Then mother and i talked with this naughty cousin. He kept speaking in chinese that i don't understand :/ Mother was there to help. Then talked talked. When it's like at 10plus, watched adults play the game. The one who got the smallest number had to drink that drink. Like mixed drink one. We laughed so hard :D Then after that at around nearly 11plus, was bored then watched TV. Watched till midnight then slept.
So, now it's 11.05 am, have got to take bath and go back to Singapore! Wah, if we were to go back tomorrow, i think we would have gone to Zoo with cousins. Hais, so bad. Anyway, bye for now! :D


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