Past few days??
Friday, January 28, 2011

So, for past few days during camp corri. Wait, the programme that i went for. I really dislike it.. Hais.. Too late. But it was fun yesterday. No, we did 'not' have fun. HAhahah. So, two days ago, went to ECP for cleaning up CIP and yesterday, went to Singapore Botanic Garden. At SBG, we needed to find the station then went there. And challenge against another group. In all, we all, the groups, went to only 3 stations when there are supposed to be 4 station. Ugh, i wanted to go to Swan Lake as it was our last station but it was lunch time. Too bad... I wanna see swans, kay.. Yuting saw them.. Well, nothing to say much. School is starting again on Monday then Tuesday! On Tuesday, at night, will be going back to Malaysia! Whee~! However, the time will pass very quickly and in the blink of an eye, i'll be back in Singapore.. Choy! Hahah. Anyway, nothing right now... Bye!


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