First day of school in 2011
Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Well, first day of school is what i dread every year.
Hm, woke up at 6.15am after mei. After breakfast and changing, used comp for awhile to tweet, hehhe. Then left the house with mum and mei at around 6.50am. Then mum and mei went to bus stop while i walked to school. Yo, i was sweating.. Then finally, reached school and the first person i saw was Joy. Then we walked together to thumbprint-attendance thingy. Then she went to 3/8 class while i went to sit in my class, 3/9. Then settled down then principal talked then asked to clap to welcome sec 1s. I have not met any Sec 1 HIs yet.. Anyway, after the morning assembly, went to class. At third level, again. :/ Sat with Carmen. Oh yes, our form teacher is my last year Math teacher, Mr Siddiq. Woah. Haha, so anyway.. Shall not elaborate what we all did next. Sat in circle, so it was nothing. Wait, there is someone who share same name as me and i got confused cause the teacher only call us by our name, not with surname. Hmph. :( Then arranged the seat according to index order, but i was switched to another seat and am sitting beside the girl whom i envy for past two year. :x Shhh. Hahah. So, went for recess and i found Casandra. Then talked with her for awhile, till i saw Mansura and left her (felt guilty). Then found Yuting, Sheryl and Wendy. Then went to Yellow Building and found the cafe. There were alot of people yet Yuting, Wendy and Sheryl queued up for it. Waited outside for them for so long. Then finally, they came out and we found a seat to sit down and eat and drink and chat. Hahah. 10.05am, went back to class. Then blah blah, at 10plus, went to the 'court' or 'hall'. Aiya, whatever it is, we went there and sat on the chairs. Then Ms Martens talked about Excellence. After that, went back to class then blah. 1pm sharp, the teacher released us. Went to 3/8 and saw that they were not released yet. Wow. So, went to 2nd level and saw Yuting and others. Then went to Bedok Point by walking. Went up to 3rd level and we were contemplating what to eat. MOS burger or Yoshiyana (?). Then ate Yoshiyana. Ordered Salmon while Yuting and Sheryl ordered T-something. Then Wendy orders i-don't-know-what. Ate while chatting. After about 30 minutes, left the place went down to Basement 1. Went to pet shop and saw no hamsters arrived yet. Then went to Minitoons. Looked around then left the place. Met my block neighbour, Gift and her mother and called them :D Wondering who is that girl with them... Hmm. Anyway, went to computer shop. Then Sheryl and i played games on iPad. Hehe, so fun. Then walked around the shop and then Yuting realised we had to go for CCA. I realised that i had forgotten about it. Haha, then went out of Bedok Point and went to bus stop to tak 28 back to school. Went up to Mac lab. Well, it's computer lab with all iMacs. Then we cut. after cutting, they never give us somemore. Then we chatted, heheh. Then i was worried about one thing. So, i asked Xinyi accompanied me to look for Mdm Ang, Head of Math Dapartment to ask whether im taking A Math of POA. Then confirmed that i take A Math, phew. Then, went back to lab. Then chatted. Then blah blah. Were released at nearly 5pm. Then took Sheryl bag and she haven come back to us with Vanessa and Claira. They were looking for toilets and even went further to Yellow Building, far from Red one. Then, went out of school and i walked home. Ta-da! Finished blogging, heheh. Tomorrow need to bring books ah? Got timetable already and it looks like my bag gonna be heavy. Well, bye. May not blog often.. :(


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