Sunday, December 26, 2010

So, yesterday, went to Casandra's house. I was the first to arrive at 1pm. Took bus there and it took like 15-20 minute to reach there. So, went there and we exchanged presents. After that, awkward moment.. Then played Wii with her. Her two friends arrived and one of them joined us in Wii as Casandra's brother bought another one of remote. Played racing. Had fun, then time to eat. Took alot of food till i was really full. Then played Mario's World. When it's like 5plus, went into a bedroom and play Monopoly. Hey, this Monopoly is like 'high-tech'. We use paper notes as money, right? But this, use 'credit cards' and the banker machine. Cool uh! Want it, man. Hahah, played till 5plus then one of them had to go. I wanted to go off too but they wont let me. Then we packed up and they let me off. Took bus back home at around 6plus. Reached home and parents had gone out to eat. Mei went to chalet and was staying overnight. Alrighty, stop for now. SCHOOL'S REOPENING SOON - i can't stop saying this... Ohyes, 10th anniversary for Yuting and i this coming Saturday! 10 years, you know! Hahaha


Evelyn Lee.

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