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Monday, December 13, 2010

Alright, yesterday in my previous post, as i blogged i will blog about yesterday. So, yesterday, cousins with aunt and uncle wanted to go off already and asked mei and i if we wanted to follow them or not. Then we thought then we quickly prepare then followed them then we would meet my mother at Tampines. I thought we would take bus and MRT, but we took two taxis. There were 10 of us, so five in each taxi. Then reached Tampines and went to Swensens. Took the long table for eleven people. Then my mother arrived. I ordered Mac 'n' Cheese. It came not so long after. Then ate it. Then mother and mei told me something that got me moody. Didnt talk to them. Ice-cream arrived then i refused to eat it. Mother kept asking me to eat abit then i ate abit only then stopped eating. When we finished, we paid then went around. Then mei, mother and i went to Century Square while the rest went other way. We went there to find a shop to buy new bag for mei. Kept looking around but to no avail. We stopped by the game shop. Saw people catch fish on game borad, aiya, i dont how to describe it. You catch the fish and you get the coins! So, we went inside. Exchanged 10 bucks then got 100 coins. Mei and i shared it then we played fisherman. Once, i got 60 coins but lost them. Then mei no more coins then went to exchange for 100 coins again. Then we lost coins then went to exchange again. Then played. Then finally, no more coins. Wah, if we got alot of coins like that couple who got 900plus coins, then we could trade for real cash! That couple traded for real ones leh. Hmph, next time shall try again! Haha, then we went to Tampines 1 to look for shop then dont have then went to Century Sqaure again and found the shop. At first level -.- Then went inside. Mei choose the bags while i choose the earrings to wear for Chinese New Year. Finally we choose then paid for them then went to pasar malam near Mrt station. Walked around and it was hot. Bought sugar cane drink. After that, went to MRT station to train back to Bedok and went home! Took bath then when 7plus, went to Bedok Center for dinner, 10 of us, with father. Curry fish head, yummy! And banana juice, yeah! :D Haha. So, after dinner, i managed to persuade mei into coming with us to walk around Bedok Center and enjoy with cousins, or else she regret. So, mother and father went home. So, while adults buying, mei and cousin kept talking to each other and i was like watching them. We also play with cousin's hair. Hehe. Then blah blah, around 8plus, went to take bus to go home. At home, we take photos in my room, till 9plus. When 10plus, cousin went to sleep in another room. She was supposed to sleep in my room but no matress, so yeah. :( Anyway, slept at eleven! Oh yeah, books arriving tomorrow.. :)


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