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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alright, yesterday, cousin from Malaysia came to Singapore with her husband, leaving their children in someone's care in Malaysia. They stayed in my house, sleep in my parents' room. So, well, at night, went out to have dinner at Geylang. Wow, so long time never go out to eat dinner. Somemore, we got to drive in my cousin's husband's car! The big car! Not normal one. Long time never drive in a car since my uncle's in Singapore. Wee, so, went to Geylang and there were alot of cars. Finally found a parking lot to park the car. Then went to find a table quickly and ordered food and drinks. There were so many dishes - rice (for mei and i), porridge, frog food, clam shells, fried oyster, beef, string ray fish and i think that's all. I think there's some more but cant recall as it was last night. While and after we eating, adults talked all the time. When my sis and i finished, we mouthed at each other, played chopsticks then i taught her how to do ABC in sign language. Hahaha, had so much fun, even though mother sat between us. Then when it was 8.30pm, we left and got into the car. Then we went around, dont know where. Haha. So, went to stop by at the SHELL, the petrol, y'know. Then mei, mother and i went to mother's workplace to collect her items she purchased the last time. Then went into car and drove home when we reached home at 9.30pm. Wow, had much fun, even though it's just dinner :D Heheh.


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