29th Dec
Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, i have forgottent o blog about two days ago when i went to my sister's seconday school for orientation. I was forced to go there with mum. Well, that was veryveryvery boring as they are for parents. Doodled on the newspaper, hehe. Anyway, mei goes to class 1R5, separated from all her friends from primary school. It was from 8plus till 11plus. When finally could go off, went to Tampines Interchange with mum while mei went to her house's friend to get changed to go for training. Went around and mum bought a new bag. I was looking for a shirt i wanted but to no avail. Went to Tampines Mall and Century Square. At Tampines Mall, ate lunch. Seafood Udon :D After lunch, went around and took a look at clothes to buy for Chinese New Year. But i bought nothing. Went to Century Square and to that place again, ehhehe. It's secret :x After spending time there, was supposed to go to Tampines 1 but decided not to go. Then, went to MRT Station and saw a veryveryvery long queue and we followed the line and saw what they were queuing for. For to buy newspaper then lucky draw. Walao. So long.. Then went to take MRT back to Bedok and went to Bedok Point. Wow, it is like Food Mall, yeah. When i went in, all i saw at first was food. Whole level. Yo, there is Timezone (Active) and Minitoons! Cool! No need to go to Tampines! Bought drink as was thirsty. After walking around, went to first level and mum was being talked to about promotion for facial. Then when she talked to them, i went to take a look at directory of the mall. . I counted that there are 28 food outlets. Wow. Then saw got Old Chang Kee and it's outside. Cool. :D After blah blah, told mother about it and went there and bought food. After that, went to bus interchange and took bus to home. Yo, byeeee! Hahahah
Wait! It's 2011 tomorrow!!!!! Kthxbai


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