Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey, yesterday, hung out with Yuting and Celine at Vivo Cityy :D Bought the 'teacher's report book' from Action City as Ruiyi wanted for Mrs Teo. After that, were bored. Walked around then went to McDonald. Bought two ice-creams with like vouchers that Yuting gave me. Cheaper! Two for $2 and Yuting and i bought one each. Then went to sit and ate. Celine also went to buy Macs. Then discussed what to do with the book. Went on wifi-ing :D Ate and talked. After eating, used another 'voucher' to buy two milkshake. This time, it's Celine want. Bought strawberry again for myself. Had strawberry ice-cream. Hehe. Talked again about the book. I drank very slow, woah. Haha. Then around 3plus, asked Sheryl to come to Bugis but it was raining over there at her house. So, we decided not to go to Bugis Library. Then we went to Toy 'R' Us to play, hehe :D After that went up to last level to play with water. Then, sat down to relax (yeah) and talked again. After that when it was about to rain, went to $2 shop to look around then went to hamster shop to take a look at really cute hamsters. Then went to dog shop to look at the dogs :D After, went to Timezone to play. Yuting lent Celine her card to top up $2 then play the grab-the-toy thingy one but failed. Then Celine and Yuting played the hockey-by-hands. Aiya, i dont know what's that game called. Then i played against her and she won. Went to top up $1 in my card and she also did. Then played again. Walao, she won again and again. We laughed so much that our stomach hurt. But, for me, my back hurt cause i bent down to play. HAHA. After Timezone, went to Page One and went to find a place to sit. Found the place and we sat. We discussed again about the book. It was raining hard. Well, nothing to elaborate. Stayed till 5plus or 6plus, then went to MRT station. From there, Celine and i and Yuting parted our ways. Yuting went to take bus. Whereas Celine and i went to take MRT. Ugh, peak hours. Hate it. So crowded. So, reached home at 7plus. Yay, looking forward to tomorrow.


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