Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is the released of PSLE results! Went to mei's school. The highest in her school is 266 then the second is 265. The one who got 265 is mei's long time friend since kindergarten. Wow. Then was impatient about mei's result as she did not get 250 and above. Then very long already. Then finally, saw mei got her result. She looked relieved and happy. Then she came to my mum and me. Almost fainted at the sight of her result, can! Shall not say it here. Hehehe. She did very well, by the way. Her DSA was successful and she got accepted into the school she applied. Wow, that's fast. Kay, nothing to say. Ohyes, the highest scorer in Singapore is 282. Gone down from last year.. AND the lowest is 43 only! Great, how did that person do the papers? HAHAHA


Evelyn Lee.

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